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Thursday, October 09, 2008

In light of the current financial crises "CASH IS KING"

So, the cookie is crumbling.. Global markets are collapsing, GCC markets are following suits, what to do? I have no idea! But for those who have the cash, I say BUY NOW, there are great stocks with great value and that gives out great dividends. Look at these stocks , research their historical trading price. I will take one stock for example "GLOBAL" It closed 640 Fils yesterday and 570 Fils the day before. This stock was 3 KD in the first quarter of 2006, during 2007 & 2008 it has been flirting with One KD price, sometimes over and sometimes shy. Do you think in the First Qaurater of 2009 it would go back to 900 Fils - 1.100 KD? I think it would. So is buying Global Stock at 640 Fils a good investment? HELL YEAH. Disclaimer: This is in no way a professional advice, but rather a personal opinion based on a simple Google search :-)

Friday, October 03, 2008

I was an ugly baby!

So, staying at home for an extended period of 5 days made me go nuts! So I went through some of my old pictures and post them on my Facebook.
Geez I was one ugly baby!
To see the whole album GO HERE

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Laugh Your Abs Away Exercise Video

xOk, this is weird! LOL
Laugh Your Abs Away Exercise Video