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Monday, July 27, 2009

Be kind to Camels!

I went to Distant Heat last weekend and while at the bus, they handed us these instructions sheet, and here are some of their instructions: - No Weapons of Mass distraction!!! What the heck is Mass distraction? Is it a misspell? Or is there such a thing?! - Be kind to Camels!!! What about those Camel Jockeys? da heck with them? I mean why da camels? How about those donkeys? Plants? Desert? Why camels? Please someone explains.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Do Jordanians lack the right HOSPITALITY SERVICE?

Remember my POST about Tourism in Jordan? Check out this conversation that happened last night at some upscale cafe at the 5th ring. I took my management to this cafe before we head for dinner to talk. (Remember this is their second time in Jordan and they always compare us with Lebanon). This is the conversation that went between my boss and the waiter, remember our company is a hospitality company and we deal with hotels and F&B. Waiter: What can I get for you to drink? Customer: I want something cold and fresh; I see that you have Vanilla, Strawberry & Mango juice. Which one should I go for? What do you suggest? Waiter: That is up to you sir! I can't tell you what to drink! Customer: Surprise me! Waiter: No can do, you have to pick a flavor. Mind you this is no some ordinary place but rather a fancy one. My boss then turns to me and says: if we are in Lebanon the waiter would have said: " Habeeb alby halla barooh ba3sorrak a7la 3aseer 3ala zoo2i wed3eeli". Then looks at me and says: I rest my case. People, get with the program! We need to learn how to give the right hospitality service to tourists.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Business Dinner & lunch places in Amman!

OK Ammanies, I have top management coming to Amman this week for the second time. The last time I took them to Romeros & Fakhreddin. This time I need a fancy quiet restaurant for a dinner meeting and another for Lunch, I have got some tips but I'm still looking. Lebanese, Italian, International. I want something expensive and not too crowded. Should I go to 5 star hotels resturants like Four Seasons? Help, time running out. Thanks, Khaled

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tourism in Jordan

Greetings, Lebanon this year has done for itself in regards to tourism and attracting GCC tourists. Personally I have never been to Lebanon, but all my family did. I always ask them what does Lebanon have that Jordan doesn't? Scenery? We have that. Weather? We have that. Restaurants? We have that. Resorts? We have that. Hotels? We have that. Malls? We have that. As a matter of fact, we have things that Lebanon doesn't have; Petra - Dead Sea - Aqaba. We might not have Cosmetic Surgery Tourism, but we have all other REAL MEDICAL tourism. Lebanon political situation not the most stable one in the world, while in Jordan one word I keep hearing from tourist and visitors SAFE. Jordan is the most stable country in the region. So I ask again, why GCC tourists go to Lebanon rather than Jordan? The blame can be divided into three: The People: SERVICE! We lack the "habeeb albi to2borny" attitude. We need to SMILE more often. Tourism Entities: They don’t market tourism to GCC countries, well. They just started on MBC and AlArabeya. Great job and long due. Also hotel prices are not affordable to the Jordanian citizen. (Need to encourage Internal Tourism). 20,000 Jordanians have visited Lebanon just last month. Again there is a great need of newly developed budget hotels for Jordanian citizens. The Government: High taxes prevent Tourist companies from offering real discounts. Labor law prevents hotels from hiring the right adequate staff. Hotel Labor Expense % in Egypt is only 10% while in Jordan it is 30%. So, for Jordan to compete with Lebanon in the tourism sector, we need to smile more often and offer good services to visitors. I think change is coming, check out this post: Peace

Friday, July 17, 2009

How? Jordan

How can I get Al-Waseet deliverd to my flat? How can I get my hands on a yellow page book?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Distant Heat 2009 Couples only?!

So I'm sitting at Books@Cafe having lunch and writing my reports, then started talking with the owner and we started talking about tourism and hotels in Jordan.

He informed me about a new poster he just posted at the Bulletin Board, and was telling me about this DJ Armin who is #1 worldwide.

It sounded fun, so I made a couple of calls and a group of us 3 plus my nephews decided to attend the INTERNATIONAL EVENT.

Went this morning to Romero to buy tickets and guess what?!



I mean I understand if some local restaurant or disco have such policy.

But for an international event? And by the way it was not mentioned at the poster anything about families only (yeah right).

I'm pissed; it is one thing to control a local event, but Distant Heat?!

For Pete Sake, come on people. uufttt

Taking kids to see Ice Age 3.


Armin Van Buuren @ Wadi Rum, Jordan July 23rd 2009

Armin Van Buuren@ Wadi Rum July 23rd 2009. July 23rd Wadi Rum, Jordan Distant Heat 2009 Find more info Here & Here. Tickets 85JD & 125JD(VIP). Call Romero for booking: Phone : +962 64644 228 Mobile: +962 79 610 5300 Party will continue next day at Coral Bay, Aqaba. Aqaba Cheap new clean place Here. Single Rooms = 15JD - Double Rooms = 25JD.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009


OK, didnt mean to scream but this is Birthday month and I'm looking for PS3, the one at Carrefour is only 40G and 539JD, is there a better deal or should I get it from out of town? I also want an electric guitar, where in da world do I find these things? I'm in Amman. Kids! Thanks. Khaled