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Friday, August 14, 2009

SMILE Campaign

As some of you know I work in the hospitality sector, I visit hotels and meet with hotel owners and I also like to explore hotels in Jordan, to learn more about the amenities and the services provided to learn more about leisure activities in the Kingdom. On a monthly basis I host guest in Jordan from hospitality background (Kuwaitis, Lebanese, Americans, Spanish and so on) and I try to visit as many hotels and restaurants as possible. Everybody who visited Jordan for the first time was shocked and surprised as how beautiful and secure Jordan is. People had no idea of how beautiful the weather is, how exotic some of the sites in Jordan, how fancy the establishments are in Jordan. But one dominating factor that all communicated to me loud and clear, Jordanians as people lack SMILING and good hospitality etiquette manners. So I want to establish a new campaign in Jordan and I want all the online social media help in this. SMILE Campaign, we need to learn how to smile more often. I have a dream that one day Taxi drivers in Jordan can great you with a SMILE and how is your day when you first enter the Taxi. I have a dream that your waiter greats you with a smile when taking your order and even when customers complain keep the SMILE going and promise a solution even if it was verbal. I have a dream when checking in to hotels in Jordan receptionists will great you with a SMILE and hope you had a comfortable trip to the Kingdom. I have a dream that all drivers will have courtesy while driving and SMILE for you while allowing you to pass before them. I have a dream all sales staff at shops will great you with a SMILE and keep the SMILE going when the customer is negotiating with them. I have a dream that all preachers will start SMILING and stop repeating that "God Destroy American" slogan. I have a dream that passport agents and visa agents at the airport will start SMILING and wish you a joyful stay at Jordan. I have a dream that government officials will start SMILING more often at press releases. I have a dream policemen will SMILE while giving you a ticket and wish you a safe drive. ___________________________________________________________ Kindly share your SMILE Campaign dream with us. * This post was written while SMILING.