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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

الدكتور يوسف سيد حسن الزلزلة

On November 11th 2009 I attended the international Investment conference at the Dead Sea and at the main panel was the Dr. Yousef. I have to tell you people Dr. Zalzalah actually created zelzal inside the conference. He showered the crowd with positivity and impressed not only the crowd but the officials attending the event. that was early morning and my last even was around 5 PM and it was a different panel, and the panel head appraised Dr. Zalzalah in his absence for the energy he brought with him and showered us with it. Bless you Dr. Zalzalah and although I'm not Kuwaiti but I was born and raised in Kuwait, I would like to show my appreciation of such character and thank you for making me proud to be Kuwaiti, today I was Kuwaiti because of you Dr. My respect and appreciation to you.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

160GB ipod classic & Garmin GPS Nuvi 310 for sale

Howdy folks, Selling 160GB ipod classic White for 175JD & Garmin GPS Nuvi 310 for 125JD (has GCC maps, you can buy Jordan map for $100) Both used but in good condition. This sale is for Amman only and you can email me at

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

My first winter in Amman

It was raining all night long, kids school is only a block away from our flat. But it is a narrow steep road and the school is kinda sitting on a hill. This morning taking kids to school, the road was muddy wit and half of the concrete is pealed of so we had only half of the road to drive a 2 way car. It was a circus. How come police dont regulate roads leading to schools?