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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Meet Aibo

AIBO® Entertainment Robot - Champagne BrownERS-7M3/T The latest AIBO in limited edition champagne brown, speaks 1,000 words, reacts in smarter ways using short term memory, and includes wireless connectivity.
  • Limited edition color with unique camouflaged ear design
  • Speaks 1,000 words, and understands 100+ words. Also understands some Spanish words and phrases
  • Reacts in smarter ways by using short term memory
  • Built-in wireless connectivity: remote control, music player, news reader, scheduler and diary
  • Keeps diary with pictures and is able to read e-mail or blog content
  • House sitting (video and photo recording) GROWTH: AIBO’s personality develops by interacting with people and each AIBO grows in a different way, based on its individual experiences. AIBO becomes customized based on feedback and the software being used. AIBO MIND 3 autonomous software, you can immediately interact with a mature ERS-7/M3 or you can reset it to its puppy stage

INSTINCTS AND FEELINGS: AIBO’s mood changes with its environment, and its mood affects its behavior. AIBO also has instincts to move around, to look for its toys, to satisfy its curiosity, to play and communicate with its owner, to recharge when its battery is low, and to wake up when its done sleeping. AIBO is capable of six feelings - happiness, sadness, fear, dislike, surprise, and anger. Its unique personality is developed with a combination of theseunique instincts and feelings.

Price: $ 2,099.00

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