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Friday, June 19, 2009

How much is this?

So, after looking for an apartment for close 3 months I found one close to kids school. Its a new building and the owner of this flat has kept it vacant for a year. I took a tour inside the flat and fell in love with it and the view. I was also shocked to see AbdelRahman Bin Ouf grave down the road. Now, in the states and Kuwait when moving to a flat all utilities are setup for you to use. In Jordan, because it was newly built none is setup. 1- No hot water. (I need to buy a Boiler (it is called Gaizer in Jordan). 2- Water is weak and runs out fast. (Need to buy another water tank along with a pump). 3- No lights, just wires hanging out from the ceiling. (Need to buy all kind of lights). 4-The kitchen has only one light switch and when turned off all Kitchen power goes off including the refrigerator.(Need to rewire the Kitchen). 5- I painted the whole place. 6- Need to setup the washer & dryer. 7- Need to buy AC units. (Weather is great compared to Kuwait, but it gets real hot one week a year or so I heard). I noticed that when asking for prices, there are no set price for services specially, so always get 3 more quotes before committing to a buy. My first quote two paint two rooms was 750, then I ended up painting the whole house for 250. When hiring a carpenter or electrician or a plumber, don't have to use those close to you, your best bet is to find one in a traditional city. When I wanted a carpenter to out our bedroom together the quotes I got were from 60 to 80, I found one for 20 from Jabal Al Taj and I tipped him 10. I was never of a bargaining person, but I find myself becoming one in Jordan.

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UmmFarouq said...

Call Abu Farouq...he just bought AC's, Kuwaiti-made.