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Monday, July 10, 2006

Zidane exposes the Arabic mentalities


Everyone watched Zidane as he knocked the Italian player down with his bold head. Some say the Italian player cussed him out with racist remarks, others say he cussed out his mom, which made him mad and pushed him to attack his opponent regardless of the consequences.

Arabic mentalities have split into two sides. One side talks about how foolish was this act and no matter what the Italian players have said, he could have easily responded verbally and might have even ended up winning the game after all.

The other side says Zidane is a hero and while he might have lost the championship he has won our hearts cause he will remain a hero in our minds forever for "defending his honor".

While the second side might seem unrealistic for most non-Arabs, this is ladies and gentlemen how most Arabs think. If you ever wanted to learn about Arabs the second side are how most Arabs think about everything in their lives.

Did Zidane cost his country the championship? Was his actions justified? Was that the right reaction to do? These are question on everybody's mind, but maybe we should look into why did he do such thing? How big of an insult did the Italian player utter?

Here are few Jordanian Blogger talking about the same subject: JordanFirst - Issam - Batir - Qwaider - Hareega.

FYI: Zidane is Barbar and not an Arab.



Osaid Rasheed said...

Come on man ! zeidan represents himself only
I believe he contributed to his country's loss, yes
good day

adel said...

What zidane did has nothing to do of being arab or barbar or whatever. We have seen worse than that in other european and american occasions.

i believe that we are being racist ourselves if we talk this way!

PALFORCE said...


I never talked or tried to judge what Zidane have done, I'm merely talking about the reaction of the Arabic people.


Samer Marzouq said...

Despite what he did, which I believe it was mean and stupid, I still believe that he is the best in the world now, he won the golden ball. A player like him should of control himself more, that was his last match.

Natalia said...

He stood up for himself. He didn't injure anyone, but he didn't take crap either.

Imagine if Zidane was Jewish. Materazzi would be getting *crucified* right now.

It's a tough situation, but I have to say that I'm with ZiZou on this one. He's encountered SO MUCH racism and abuse in his career. He showed us what's wrong with football today: prejudice that runs rampant and unchecked.

PALFORCE said...


I agree, if it is true that Zidane was called "a dirty terrorist" then I side with Zidane regardless.


Anna Berger said...

To be honest, I think he did the right thing. On the one hand, it may have been silly since "thousands of kids were watching" -- big deal; it's not as if their other "role models" aren't doing things just as bad or worse, but everyone keeps quiet -- yet on the other hand if he simply did nothing, what would it show?

He has apologised, and explained that the insults were regarding both his sister and mother. I don't think he needs to do anything else. I also believe it would be a mistake for him to regret doing what he did.

How would people here feel if they were told that they were the son or brother of a terrorist whore? I wonder...

Anonymous said...

Being a non-believer following as much as I can to understand, I have a few comments.
What I know about Muslims (and Arabs of other religions) they are VERY FAMILY ORIENTED!
Bush is trying to make the US to be family oriented. It won't work because the US is not all Christian.
The two cultures are so different that their thinking is very different.
You insult my mother and I will ask you what did my mother do?
You insult a Muslim about his mother and he will defend her.
Has anyone tried to work with other people and understand their views?
I think not!
I AM RIGHT AND YOU ARE WRONG seems to be the way thing are.
I am writing this and I am thinking about how much hate mail I am going to get from both sides.
Still both sides are wrong!
The world is getting smaller and we have with each other!
Let us get rid of the extreemists, like Osama, Olmert, Blaie and ofcourse Bush!