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Friday, June 30, 2006

Introducing Maysoon's Kids

Salam, Lulu from cafelulu posted about Maysoon's Kids new non- Profit foundation which deals with the growing population of disabled children in Palestine. Maysoon Zayid is an Arab/American Comedian, I love her humor and I applaude her activism, she has been to the AAI leadership seminar and she is very active when it comes to helping out fellow Palestinians. Like Lulu said please make generous donations for her new Foundation. Introducing Maysoon's Kids June 25th, 2006 Maysoon's Kids was founded in April 2001 by comedian/actress Maysoon Zayid to address the needs of the growing population of disabled children in Palestine during the second Intifada. For three months a year Maysoon personally goes to 11 different Palestinian refugee camps and villages (Dheisha, Askar Ijdeed, Amiree, Kalandia, Jalazon, Silwad, Deir Ammar, Deir Abu Misheil, Khalil, Abu Deis, Lid, and is hoping to add Jenin in summer 2006). In the camps, Maysoon runs an art program for disabled, wounded, and at risk refugee children. The program also provides diapers, shoes, toys, and underclothing — all made in Palestine — for Palestinian orphans; as well as eye exams, glasses, computers, and prescription medicine for disabled and wounded Palestinian refugee children. Recently, Maysoon has begun promoting the importance of education by providing tutors for Seniors in high school so they can graduate and finding families to sponsor their college education in the States.
Maysoon's Kids 447 Lawton AveCliffside Park, NJ 07010-1913 Tel: 1-917-803-911


kinzi said...

Hi Khaled!It takes a dad to get involved involved in spreading the word about Maysoon's Kids, thanks for doing that.

Wouldn't it be fun to meet up for the first JP Family BBQ in Alabama? Sadly, other than a distant aunt, it's not on my radar yet. But, insha-allah, He is full of surprises,it could happen!

PALFORCE said...


If you ever make it to Bama, I would love to BBQ for you in our humble home, and my kids would get to meet yours, and my wife would treat us to one of her famous Jordanian dishes.
Now thats a fantasy JP meeting if there is one :P