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Sunday, July 10, 2005


MMMmmmmmmmmmmm! Zamannnnnn. Knafhe is one of the things I miss about back home. And this sure looks delicious. Yummy :-) Ok, I'm still bored, EMDABRESS, and going through a tough stage, not sure what’s up, Things falling apart all around me, I'm not freaking out YET! The other night I had a dream that all the sudden the planet earth started moving real fast and everybody started ducking and getting a hold of the nearest thing so they won’t fall out. Weird! Right. Well, 2 days later Bombings hit London Trains?!!!! OK, START FREAKING OUT!!!!! I'm not sure, I mean When I was a teen and my hormones were outta whack, I went through a rollercoaster of ups and downs, but heck I'm 37 now and all the sudden people around me are going: shshshshshshbshshshshbshshshshs. The problem is it gets back to me, and everyone and I mean EVERYONE, is talking about how messed up I became. I don’t drink, don’t do drugs, not a violent person, and I think of myself as an understanding person, but all the sudden, something Big happened, somehow I leaped into a different dimension and all my principles and ethics are all the sudden UNFIT. I go on with my life thinking it’s all a bad dream and I'm gonna wake up soon and things will get back to normal. Sorry, I had to drag yall into this, but I guess I wanted to see if I was the only one going through this, maybe if there is another person going through the same dilemma; things would be easy on me. Oh, not to mention Dennis the menace is coming my way in 12 hours (category 4). Scary eh? Maybe it will reset things back to normal and I would somehow leap back into the real life I was living just 3 months ago. LOL, They just announced that all pregnant women admit themselves to the hospital cause of the pressure change that Dennis is beinging with him.(Mamy!) hahaha Aight, shower time, yella Salam. Beace ou6 PALFORCE


Reema said...

We found a bakery place about 30 min away from us own by an Egyptian guy and we spent $80 on Kanafa! i guess we missed it so much :)
I think you're having one of those weird days, god knows how many times i had them myself but somehow things get back to normal again, don't ask me how cuz i don't know.

Anonymous said...

just one of those days and not everyone thinks u r warped u nut