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Friday, July 01, 2005

A new book by Israel Adam Shamir

A new book by Israel Adam Shamir: Our Lady of Sorrow : The Collected Essays from the Holy Land by Israel ShamirISBN: 1-4196-0835-5 Binding: Trade Paper 288 pages


Description: Story of Our Lady statue in Bethlehem destroyed by the Jewish Army and its universal meaning. Ideas are not less important than material things; oil does not provide the whole explanation of the war in the Middle East, faith is not dead and can’t die as long as mankind exists. Even the belief in the Market forces is just another faith, an old established cult of Mammon. Faith is not only a personal affair; religion still matters, probably more than we think. The book contains some most controversial essays of Shamir, including the Shadow of Zog, Midas Ears and Blood Libel. Our Lady is the best gift to a Christian Zionist - if you want him to come to his/her senses. Read also the Pardes and Flowers of Galilee by Shamir; available on the Amazon and Booksurge.

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