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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Info !

Salam, How much would a 2 bedroom furnished apartment rent cost for a month? and how much would a car rental cost per month? in Amman. Khaled


Hatem Abunimeh said...

Depending on the model and the year of the car that you would like to rent, the cost will be any where from JD 18 to JD 30 per day.

Depending on the location and the amenities that you like to have in the furnished apartment, the cost for one month rent shall be any where from JD 450 to JD 2000.

There is no typo, these are the correct numbers.

PALFORCE said...

The apt doesnt seem too bad, but the car rental is kinda hifty, dont they have better rates if rented by the month?

Hatem Abunimeh said...

Someone suggested to me while I was there visiting earlier this year to buy a car and use it for the duration of my stay in Jordan, and then just before I decide to leave try to resell it again. There is a good possibility that you will break even or in some instances gain money on the purchase and resale.

This however is not a guaranteed method and I wouldn't recommend it for anyone that doesn't know what they are doing, but it is a viable alternative to high cost of renting.

The lowest rental cost that I seen is about JD 16 per day. Monthly rates don't vary that much from weekly or daily rates, the savings is almost negligible