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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Old 6arab songs that are hard to find

Salam, Here are those old songs you have been looking for:


NYchick said...

Ya Allah!
هيام يونس
دق بواب الناس كله و بالاخر دق ابوابي

piccolomondo said...

I clicked to read the comment, but... :-(
At least, I have the statusbar of that old songs site you recommended. I'll give a try!

Nancy Ajram said...
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Anonymous said...

ارجوكم بدي اغنية دق بواب النس كله مشان الله انا روحي بهاي الاغنية ولي بلاقي هي الاغنية ايش ما بدو بعطي لو بدو بتزوجه بس مشان الله ابدي الاغنية دخيلكم

صبحية دلهوم القاهرة