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Monday, December 05, 2005

New Resolutions !

Salam, I want to start a snow ball ! Let me explain, I want to start something and hope people reading this blog will follow, almost like a tag. Here it goes: I promise myself and everybody else around me that;
  • I will not use racial slurs against anyone.
  • I will not call people of different race or color bad names, no more (Cracker,Nigger,Wetback,Camel Jockey.. and so on).
  • I will not hate people from certain place or religion, including Israelis, I will treat each and every person according to their character.
  • I will also stop or stay away from people who are insensitive towards others.


Dar said...

were u doing these stuff ?!!?

NYchick said...

But I've been doing this all of my life... I like to believe that the snow ball started rolling when I kicked it :)
Nice post

PALFORCE said...

NYchick, welcome to my blog.
Glad to see someone taking the higher road.

Keep it rolling :-)