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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Going back to Palestine !

Salam, Here is a reblog from Sabbah that I wanted to share with ya'll:

Palestinian Going Home

30. March 2006

This is a true story. Samia, my Palestinian friend who lives in Brazil send me her story about her experience while crossing the borders from Jordan to Palestine. It is touching true story that kept me sleepless last night, that’s why I decided to share it her.

Ahlen , first of all, sorry for my English, but i will explain for you what happened today. Yesterday i came to Aqaba, and today i went to the border at 8 am. I was nervous, but at the same time i felt good, making something that i was waiting for long time.

I crossed the Jordanian border without problems, only 15 minutes and i take my bag again and i start walking to the Palestinian side. Two armed guys were waiting there and asked me for my passport. They look each other and asked me “from where are you?, well, one of them had my passport in his hand, a Brazilian passport, why they asked me!!, after i went to the check room, and two another guys were there and asked me the normal questions, well, normal for them! All the questions were about my family name, why my name is Samia Ali, if i am Muslim… i answered not, i am christian, but why you has a Muslim name, why you don’t change it, well, 20 minutes of that and they let me pass, even they told me “Welcome to Israel, enjoy your time here”....

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