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Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Mother of all Tags by Hareega !!

Salam, Answering the Mother of all Tags by Hareega: 1-What's the color of the underwear you are wearing right now. If you're not wearing any, add me to your msn. -I'm wearing boxers with Patrick pictures all over them (Sponge Bob's friend). 2- Birth question: IF you are a Jordanian girl, how many members of your family were upset when you were born.If you're a guy, when were you circumsized (ettaharet)? -I'm glad this is an event that I can not recall. I hope I was 2 days old by then. Few months ago this subject was brought up among us Tarneeb players and one of the guys STILL REMEMBERS THIS EVENT cause he was 7 years old!!!!! 3- Sex question: How old were you when you knew what 69 is?If you don't what 69 is say so, we'll just make fun of you (if you're at work don't google it, you might be fired -although you might also get 5 dates) -I'm not sure but I think it was one of my teenage need to know subjects, so I would say between 14-18 years old. 4- Driving question: how many times have you seen the finger pointed at you by another driver? -I'm so lucky to be driving in the US, the respect and the courtesy among drivers in the south is unbelievable. No fingers here, but I did hear about road rage and people shooting at each others. 5- Genital question: Guys, we know every guy has been heen hit on his balls in a fight or a football game, tell us briefly about your worst experience. Girls: describe your worst PMS in less than 30 million words -My son Omar does it on a daily basis by accident. Now I wear protective undies when we are playing. 6- Suber emparessing question:guys, when was the first time you... you know, i don't mean first kiss , or first time you had sex, but i mean in your school days, the days when you were growing up... you know... how old were you? just write the numbergirls.... no question for you here? -Mmmmm, 13?! Maybe 14. Not sure. 7- Odor question: Have you ever farted in public? If you say no you're a liar. -Hmmm, Define public. Does your house count? even though there are people around ( not necessary family). LOL 8- Tell us about an incident when you were so mean that the other party wished you were never born. -Hmmmmm, Let's see.. ,thinking... I never had anyone mad at me to that point. But I did have a run or two with female friends prior to marriage. _____________________________________________________________ I'm not sure why the fuss over this tag. I don't see it offending or degrading in any way or shape. Anyone who thought so will have problems educating his kids about sex in the future by the way. Peace

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