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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Peace Takes Courage

Salam, I want everyone who stumbles upon this blog to take a minute or two to humor me if you don't mind. When I asks you to close your eyes and think of someone who's 15 years old in the Middle East. Most of the images you guys gonna come up with would be a careless teen or someone who has no clue with their surroundings. Now, let me introduce you to a fellow ALABAMA 15 years girl, her name is Ava Lowrey; Peace Takes Courage is a project by Ava Lowrey. Ava is a 15 year old student and peace activist from Alabama. In Mid-March 2005, she created her first animation. Since then she has made over 70 animations, many of them about the war in Iraq. In April 2006, Cindy Sheehan wrote an article about Ava and her effort to promote peace through this website. Ava has been featured on Progressive Magazine online,,,, and other sites. If you would like to schedule an interview with Ava please email us at: Here are some of her Animations: 5/08/2006New AnimationWhat Will You Do? 4/27/2006New AnimationThe 32% 4/20/2006New AnimationImpeach the 'Decider' 4/12/2006New AnimationThe Time is Now 4/08/2006New AnimationBroken Promises Please visit her blog and give her a word of encouragement if you like what she do for PEACE. PEACE

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Lina K said...

I AM SPEACHLESS, Such strong pictures, and the music is a perfect match! 15 year old you said?? Shame on me, 24 and still did not change the world in any way!