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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Taging Kinzi !

Salam, Well, Kinzi has responded to my Tag( the only one actually who did respond ... Do I smell bad?!..sniff..sniff.wallah ha7et Axe..LOL) Anyways, because Kinzi does not have a blog YET??!!...Sup with that Kinzi?! Here is her comment reposted so everyone can know more of Kinzi :-) "Khaled, thanks for my very first tag! For some of those you tagged, they will still have been be in diapers using those wipes you mentioned 20 years ago! Since I don't have a blog yet- Nearly 20 years ago I left CA and moved to Europe to work in a refugee camp - certain God had more for me to do than develop real estate. 15 years ago my husband and I were married YAY! 10 years ago I was rejoicing over a busy one year old and mourning two miscarriages (in Jordan) 5 years ago discovered I was carrying surprise #4 and got the girl! 1 year ago I was going crazy trying to home-school my oldest son What was next? whew, the brain dead thing, it's kids! Last week, stressed to get an article written that my editor never told me was for NEXT month. House a wreck. Yesterday, tried and get the house in order. Failed, but played with kids. Today, tried to get house in order, enlisted the kids, succeeded. Emailed all the jp ladies for a lady meet-up! Next time, Mrs. Palforce will be an honored invitee. Tomorrow, try to keep all under control when hubby goes on a business trip. Can't even think about the future beyond tomorrow! (Probably alot like Mrs. Palforce!) blessings! Hope you sold all you needed it. I'll pray for some wealthy shoppng addicts to find your store. :) "


PALFORCE said...


Mrs. palforce is alot like you as you mentioned, she can't even think about the future beyond tomorrow!
Plus me and the kids keep her pretty busy, god bless her little soul.

Happy Mothers day to you as well Kinzi.

(Next Sunday is mother's day in the US)

Dar said...

Yeeey 3aleina , wallah it is on my list , bs give me some space :P

raindrop said...

u didnt tag me :(

kinzi said...

Thanks for the Mom's Day greetings!

Kinziblog is still waiting to be formed because I have not been able to break my jp addiction. My wise husband said "If you spend this much time on line without a blog, what are you going to do when your blog is getting as many comments as Khalida's?". So, I submit.

Yeesh, hallelujah, the guy knows me too well. The Holy Spirit is after me about it too. I'll be broken after our trip to the US this summer and trying to share one computer with 12 people at my in-laws.

Allah Kariim!

PALFORCE said...

Me and you were tagged by Reema, so why would I tag you again?
Double tags are frowned upon in the blogsphere :-)

raindrop said...

mne7 7aketelle :( walla i didnt notice m3 enu i read her blog bas i dont know why I didnt notice my name! :(