Trying to get by...

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Back in the states I used to sleep the minute my head touched my pillow and wake up around 5 AM. In Kuwait I still fall asleep as fast, but I wake up like 2 to 4 times at night, I check on the kids, drink water, watch some TV, check my email..... I think this has to do with a lot of issues. 1- Mentally, I'm not in peace with my self as I used to. 2- Dealing with people, in the stats people are more forward and direct with you. Here I have to deal with morons & bullies, I usually take the high road and move on. 3- Work is consuming most of my energy, I'm working my ass off and trying to establish a good base for my career, it kills me to see people around me slack off and get away with murder, and no one can say or do something about it. I have made a pack with myself to stick with it for 3 years and then things should look better. It has been one year so far. The funny thing at work people are happy with me because of my hard work, but I'm not because I always have to look the other way and occupy myself with my work so I dont get in trouble. Was I in the states? I would be screaming my lung off 24/7. God bless the US. So, to help me survive my job I have created a motto: 3-F-Y Yupe, 3 F. Years.


Qwaider said...

Allah ykoon bil3on

Summer said...

wow, it has been a year already? the next two years should go by fast!
God bless the USA!