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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

List of Names who bought Phony Degrees

My friend Omaro from #Palestine (MIRC - Dalnet) told me about this, here is a list of people who bought Phony Degrees online LOL.

Diploma mill degree recipients

Almost 10,000 people spent $7.3 million buying phony and counterfeit high school and college degrees from a Spokane diploma mill. The complete list of buyers, which the U.S. Department of Justice has refused to release to the public, has been obtained by The Spokesman-Review and published July 28.



Hani Obaid said...

I took the liberty of taking all the arab names from that list.

Sadik, Dr. Mohamed Amr M. Egypt ProfAssoc
Rezk, Abdelmoneim Elsayed Elaraby Egypt BSE
Mahmoud, Ibrahim Abdullah Egypt BS
Moussa, Nader Magdi Kamel Egypt MS
Naiem, Ahmed Farrag Egypt MA
Omar, Samir Egypt MA
Swaty, Yara Mohessn Egypt BA
Alla, Adly Attallah Soliman Nasr Egypt DSc
Elghamrawy, Ahmed Farouk Mohammed Egypt BSE
Elrabbany, Baher Egypt MS St. Regis University
Hassan, Abdullah M. Z. Egypt PhD
Fayad, Ahmed Farrag A Naiem Egypt DBA

Dweik, Rafiq Tawfiq Jordan PhD
Dweik, Shafiq Tawfiq Kh. Jordan PhD
Al-Karmi, Rami Marwan A. Jordan PhD
Al_Majali, Yousef Mamdouh Moh'D Jordan PhD
Ahmed, Mahmoud Jordan BSE
Abdelqader, Subhi Zaid N Jordan PhD
Hittini, Hisham Mahmoud Hussein Jordan DBA
Hamdan, Faten Said Jordan HS
Halaby, Nawal S Jordan BA American West University
Hamidi, Asef Fareed Ali Jordan MAH
Jaouni, Fares Mohmad Omer Rateb Jordan MA

Venkateswaralu, N Kuwait BSE
Ullah, Asad Ullah Asmat Kuwait MS
Zaid, Abdukareem Al Kuwait PhDH
Name State Country Degree University
Alturki, Ali Kuwait PhD InTech University
Ali, Alturki Kuwait PhD InTech University
Aljasim, Bader Saud Kuwait
Al-Zaid, Vera Mary Jane Kuwait MA
Alrashaid, Eyad Abdullah Kuwait DBA
Elmessih, Ibrahim Gad Elkarim Ibrahim Abd Kuwait MBA
Chootiya, Faisal Kuwait BS
Choudhry, Mudassar Shahzad Kuwait BS Holmes University
Hamza, Hesham Mohd Ahmad Kuwait BS Americana University
Jalal Anzawi, Waleed M. Kuwait BA
Ibrahim, Ibrahim G Kuwait BA
Iqbal, Fahad Kuwait BS
Husain, Mohammad Nusrat Kuwait MSE

Ka'Wash, Hamad Nayef Lebanon PhD
Karali, Malek Farouk Lebanon MBA American Capital University
Fakhreddine, Abdallah Lebanon MS
Elcarte, Jenelyn Lebanon HS
Daya, Mohammad Lebanon PhD
Deeb, Ajaj S. Al Lebanon
Abdunnur, Sharif Labeeb Lebanon MA
Beshara, Selim Fouad Lebanon BBA
Yassin, Walid Lebanon MBA
Yamout, Abdul Rahman Saadeddine Lebanon BBA
Tamim, Fadi Z. Lebanon MBA
Rayess, Nicole Chawkatly Lebanon PhD
Massaad, M Haikal Nicolas Lebanon MA Concordia University

Rowse, Mark Leslie Oman MS
Al-Araimy, Khalfan Ibrahim Oman PhDH
Lamsis, Pablo H Oman BA
Khan, Ghayas Oman BSE
Khan, A. Ghayas Oman BA

Mazhar, Refaat Abdul Hamid Mohamed Qatar MS
Tayab, Muhammad R. Qatar BS St. John Quincy Adams Institute
Sundaram, Raji Qatar Cert
Jalal, Eihab Abdulrasheed Hasanain Qatar MBA St. Lourdes University

Seroor, Husain Ali Yosef Saudi Arabia HS
Shahrani, Dhafer Saad Nasser Al Saudi Arabia BA
Shariff, Jameel Ahmed Saudi Arabia HS
Sharafuddin, Sakher Tariq Saudi Arabia BBA St. Regis University
Sharrafuddin, Sakher Tareq Saudi Arabia BBA
Zegama, Anwar Omar Abud Saudi Arabia BA
Zaid, Ahmed S. Al Saudi Arabia HS
Sajjad, Mohammed Saudi Arabia MBA
Saleh, Alaa A. Saudi Arabia
Rashid, Sk Harunor Saudi Arabia BS InTech University of Engineering & Science
Mirza, Hamdan T. Saudi Arabia BS
Mesallam, Abdellatif M. Saudi Arabia BS St. Regis University
Maghribi, Houssam Ali Saudi Arabia BS Concordia
Mashhadani, Anaes Shihab Al Saudi Arabia BBA
Oraij, Fayek Abdullah Al Saudi Arabia BA
Nahas, Ahmed Fayez Ibrahim Al- Saudi Arabia BA
Moud, Mohammad Omar Ali Saudi Arabia PhD
Hamid, Abas El Sayed Aly Abd El Saudi Arabia DBA
Hashem, Rayyan Saudi Arabia MBA
Fatta, Thamer Ibrahim Saudi Arabia HS
Fetyani, Hani Hasan Saudi Arabia DBA
Flood, Noel V (Mr.) Saudi Arabia PhD St. Lourdes University
Gharib, Sanaa Abdulmoniem (Gharib, Sanaa Abdel-Moneim) Saudi Arabia
Kamel, Remah Moustafa Ahmed Saudi Arabia DSc
Jahdali, Khalid Attyah Al- Saudi Arabia BA
Krassi, Ahmed S. Saudi Arabia BBA James Monroe University
Athamin, Ali Ahmed Al Saudi Arabia PhDH
Attar, Raed Mustafa Saudi Arabia BA
Babdullah, Abdulrahman Mohsin Bamujally Saudi Arabia MA
Badawy, Sherif Ahmed Al Saudi Arabia
Bahri, Dhafer Mohammed Saeed Al Saudi Arabia BBA Capital American University
Anbar, Mohammad Salah Saudi Arabia
Amin, Mao Muzamil Saudi Arabia HS
Ahmed, Ahmed Mohamed Ali Saudi Arabia MS Bradford College
Ahmed, Ali K. Al - Saudi Arabia BA
Akram Saudi Arabia MA
Al Tuwairqi, Khalid H. Saudi Arabia MBA
Aal, Mostafa A Abdel Saudi Arabia MS St. Lourdes University
Al-Zahrani, Safar Ghormallah Saudi Arabia BS
Al-Qahtani, Ghazi Hamood Al-Medla Saudi Arabia PhD
Al-shanqeait, Abdullah M. Saudi Arabia BS Concordia College University
Name State Country Degree University
Al-Sulaim, Ziad A. Saudi Arabia
Al-Nahas, Ahmed Fayez Ibrahim Saudi Arabia BA
Al-Okroosh, Mohammed Saeed K. Saudi Arabia MBA Brown's International University
Ali, Engr.Abdulla Saudi Arabia MA
Ali, Al Bagir Mahammed Al Amin Saudi Arabia BA
Al-Jahdali, Khalid Attyah Saudi Arabia BA
Alhezaimi, Fahad A Saudi Arabia BA St. Regis University
Albalwi, Abdulrhman Afnan Saudi Arabia MS Breyer State University
Al-Atni, Fahad K. Saudi Arabia BA
Alattas, Ahmad Saudi Arabia DBA
Al-Deeb, Emad L Saudi Arabia BA
Alboog, Nawwaf M Saudi Arabia PhD
Al-Boog, Nawwaf M. S. Saudi Arabia BS
Bellal, Nawal Hussein Saudi Arabia MS James Monroe University
Farag, Nasser Mohammed Salem Saudi Arabia MS
Fadayli, Yassir Saudi Arabia HS
El-Hassan, Salih S Saudi Arabia BBA Concordia University
Elbakri, Atif. A. A. Saudi Arabia BBA
Deeb, Osama Adel Mohammed Saudi Arabia BS

Syed, Mohammed Abdul Syria MSE

Kadhi, Aida Tunisia MAH

Odendaal, Andrew United Arab Emirates BS Blackstone University
Nassar, Magdi Ahmed Mohamed United Arab Emirates PhD
Nataraj, T.R. United Arab Emirates MBA
Nataraj, Thottamkara Ramakrishna Pillai United Arab Emirates MBA
Motswenyane, Keabetswe Sehume United Arab Emirates BS St. Regis University
Manickavasagar, Mahendran United Arab Emirates PhD
Mahfouz, Ziad Jameel United Arab Emirates
Makkawi, Mohammed Gaily United Arab Emirates MS
Malas, Kamal United Arab Emirates PhDH
Rajani, Jabir United Arab Emirates MS
Qureshi, Emad United Arab Emirates HS
Razol, M. Abdul United Arab Emirates BSE
Sandouka, Bahjat A United Arab Emirates MS
Sarwar, Syed Mohammad United Arab Emirates MA St. Regis University
Saphein, Mohamed A United Arab Emirates BA
Umar, Hazrat United Arab Emirates HS
Tosun, Ayla United Arab Emirates
Siddig, Adil Fadul United Arab Emirates BBA
Selahi, Mr Romin United Arab Emirates HS
Sokolski, John J United Arab Emirates MBA
Jouma'h, Riad Ahmad United Arab Emirates BBA
Khan, Shahid Ali United Arab Emirates MSE
Khalil, Younis Hanna United Arab Emirates BBA American West University
Kattadiyil, Binoy J. United Arab Emirates PhDH
Hussain, Shamsher United Arab Emirates BS
Husain, Fazal Mohamed Haroon United Arab Emirates MBA
Gopal.R, Venu United Arab Emirates BA
Gerber, Jenny (van Veyeren) United Arab Emirates BA American West University
Hawa, Mohammed Abdul United Arab Emirates MS Breyer State University
Hourani, Munir United Arab Emirates PhDH
Name State Country Degree University
Herjani, Deepak United Arab Emirates BBA
Elbashir, Elhadi Hamid Mohamed United Arab Emirates BS
Fadul, Adil United Arab Emirates
Ethawy, Dr. Fouad Jasem Al- United Arab Emirates PhD
Ethway, Fouad Al United Arab Emirates PhD Ajman University of Science and Technology
Fatayrgi, Najib Chekri United Arab Emirates
Darwish, Ahmad United Arab Emirates BA
Cash United Arab Emirates MBA
Crutchley, Stephen W. United Arab Emirates BS St. Lourdes University
Ahmed, Abrar United Arab Emirates MBA
Al Hosani, Ali A United Arab Emirates BA St. Regis University
Ahmed, Rashed Ahmed United Arab Emirates BS Robertstown University
Ahmed, Khawaja Abrar United Arab Emirates MBA
Akel, Ayla United Arab Emirates BBA
Abdulrahim, Ahmad K United Arab Emirates MS
Abdalla, Adil Mahjoub United Arab Emirates BA
Abd-Alla, Gamal Hassan United Arab Emirates PhD Concordia College & University
Adb-Alla, Gamal H. United Arab Emirates
Almidani, Rashid Said United Arab Emirates
Al-Bitar, Safwat Abdel United Arab Emirates PhD
Al-Bittar, Rajaa A United Arab Emirates MA
Al-Ethawy, Fouad Jasem United Arab Emirates PhD
Albadi, Abdulla Suhail United Arab Emirates MAH
Albadi, Yousef Bin Suhail United Arab Emirates
Al-Alti, Mohammed A. R. United Arab Emirates MBA
Al-Hosani, Ali Ahmed S United Arab Emirates BA
Ali, Soliman Hussein United Arab Emirates
Baker, Rajaa A. United Arab Emirates
Badi, Yousef Bin Suhail Al United Arab Emirates MAH
Aslam, Mohammad Naveed United Arab Emirates MAH
Batheja, Nand Kumar V United Arab Emirates MBA
Bavazeer, Shaik Abdullah United Arab Emirates BBA Northwest United University

PALFORCE said...

LOL Hani,

That's a lot of work, ye3teek el3afyeh :-)


Anonymous said...

gr8 job pal

Anonymous said...

Dear All

I am studying in a UK University completing my MBA, how come that I got a DBA from the US!!!

I never been in US, nor tried to get such fake degrees.
I'am in the process of getting this horrefic mistake be corrected whatsover it takes, I am going to dig down to the root of how my name has been added to such list, I have already contacted an investigation agency in the US as well as the Jordan Ministry of Higher Education seeking their assistance.

Hisham Mahd Hittini

Nader said...

Apparently someone else has done this, I don't know what is a phony degree, my name should be taken away from this list.