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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Arabic Cartoons on Ebay

Salam, For those who live abroad and looking for old Arabic cartoons, check out those 2 ebay stores. Arabic-DVDs good selsection but doesnt cover enough cartoons ( quality great and profissional ). Funoon Very profissional and great quality, they have the largest collection of cartoon but abit pricey. P.s: For those who are fans of Hameedo Shamil, Funoon has Abtal Almala3eb. Peace


Profile Deleted said...

cool :) good Luck in your MBA and by the way if you want to talk Arabic Cartoons then visit this site its more than enoghf with DVDs in more than three languages :))

AkherKhabar.Com said...


Funoon on ebay gets my vote and they have a site name that will direct you to the ebay store. I got some cartoons from them... they have printed dvd-rs and great customer service.

Also I got some cartoons from and they also have good cartoons and free grendizer download .

I love arabic cartoons from old times. I wish they would be reproduced in oroginal dvds insted of dvd-rs recorded from tv.