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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Fasting the Day of Arafa

A reminder to fast on the day of Arafa. Did you think fasting ended with Ramadan? If so, you're mistaken. It is recommended to fast on this day. Muslim narrated from Abu Qatadah that the Prophet said: Fasting the Day of Arafa (the ninth day of Zul Hijjah) will be credited with Allah by forgiving one's sins of the previous year and the following year. As well, we should sincerely ask Allah for forgiveness for mistakes on this day as the Prophet said: Allah sets more people free from Hell on the Day of Arafa than on any other day (Muslim). Have a big family Iftar. The 9th of Zul Hijjah is going to be on a weekday, so everyone should try to get home from work or school early, if possible, to enjoy Iftar together. Also, read the Prophet Mohammed (peace and blessings be upon him)'s last Sermon that day, since it was on the 9th of Zul Hijjah that it was delivered.

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ZinZinQ8 said...

Its also good to pray a lot too. I traveled the day of the wagfa and i got a free upgrade on the airplane :-) kint daa3eya :-)