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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Unlocking my Audiovox 5600

[Updated Oct. 10 2005 to freshen up the directions… here is the original article for unlocking an AudioVox 5600.]

Background: The following comes from my scouring of the Internet to find out how to unlock an AudioVox 5600 (or SMT5600) that was locked to the AT&T (Cingular Blue) network. I had to do this as Cingular does not unlock their phones on the AT&T network, and I needed to put in a local SIM while on a trip to Brazil. T-Mobile will apparently unlock your phones by just calling, and is probably a safer way to go. But for everyone else who is stuck, and doesn’t want to rely on possibly dodgey sites that ask for money via paypal, continue on!

Note: actually doing the following probably voids your warranty (I don’t know as I never read it), and botching it could well render your phone unusable. But it worked for me, even with a few missteps I didn’t include here.

Microsoft people: This doesn’t work for Magneto, but apparently upgrading to Magneto seems to unlock your phone anyway… try it first. BTW, if you’re thinking of upgrading, I don’t recommend it.

You need the following three files:

  3. SPV Services

Or to save you some time (and in case the above are down), you can just get them all in one big zip:

What you’ll need:

  • A SIM card on the network your AudioVox is locked to. For example, if you’re locked to AT&T (Cingular Blue network) then you’ll need an AT&T SIM card. For people who bought their phone off e-bay or something, find a friend, as you need one of these to proceed!
  • A SIM card on some other network to make sure things worked. Any network will do. Again, find a buddy.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Plug your AudioVox into your computer via the USB cable that came with it. Open an explorer window via ActiveSync and browse the top level directory of the SmartPhone… you should see directories like Temp and Storage.
  2. Extract, say to C:\unlock5600. DO NOT SIMPLY OPEN THE .ZIP AND TRY TO COPY FILES TO YOUR SMARTPHONE, IT DOES NOT WORK! You’ll get a folder named “unlock-all” which contains two directories, StartMenu and Temp, along with a manual. The manual is almost correct for the 5600. What you want to do is:
    1. Put the “Disable Security” file in StartMenu under \Storage\Windows\Start Menu\ in your 5600.
    2. Put “AEConfig.exe” and “DisableSecurity.xml” in Temp in \Temp in your 5600. Do not reboot your 5600, as it will erase these files in \Temp!
    3. Go to Start on your 5600, then select Disable Security and run it. Phase 1 done. If you don’t see it via the start menu, use the File Manager to run it. Sometimes it takes a bit for the Start Menu to re-read the directory and include things.
  3. Open and extract the files on your computer somewhere. I’ll say C:\unlock5600, but feel free to replace that with anything you like.
  4. On your computer, go to Start -> Run and type “cmd” for a DOS prompt. Change directories to the directory you put the files of resetSecurity (e.g. cd c:\unlock5600 using our example).
  5. Run RapiConfig as follows from the cmd prompt: % RapiConfig.exe /p ResetSecurity.xml This will unlock your phone to install new apps (needed for the next step).
  6. Confirm it works by putting “CheckLock.exe” in the \Temp dir of your 5600 and running it by going to Start -> File Manager on your AudioVox and selecting CheckLock.exe under \Temp. It should say “Your phone is not locked.” Phase 2 End.
  7. Open up and copy the files somewhere (say c:\unlock5600).
  8. Copy the into \Temp of your smartphone
  9. From your smartphone Start -> File Manager, browser to \Temp and run Install the program.
  10. From your computer, run SPVServices.exe. Click on the SIMLock Toggle button and type AGREE. Don’t worry about the “Doesn’t work on AudioVox” as this did for this purpose.
  11. Unlock your AudioVox by clicking on the button. End Phase 3.
  12. Test out your new unlocked AudioVox with a friend’s SIM card on another network (I used T-Mobile). You will need to power down the phone, take out the card, put the new one in, and power up. If you see “Network locked, enter unlock code” then something didn’t work. If you see the normal home page with the carrier’s name, you’re golden.


  • Unknown error -2147467259 in read operation. I don’t know why this happens. Some people have reported success by re-trying all of the previous steps after rebooting the SmartPhone. Others have suggested it’s because wasn’t installed, just copied over to \Temp. If you get this, please report it in the comments and let us know if you’re able to figure it out. UPDATEA post on the SPV Developers Forum appears to answer this by describing how to: resolve the read error by manually changing two registry keys. A file is included in the post to update the registry. Hat tip to Volkmar!
  • Can’t copy files to SmartPhone. Remember, you have to extract files to some directory, then copy them. You can’t just copy directly… some lame bug in Windows.

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