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Monday, January 16, 2006 is open to Arabic language. wanna help?

Salam, Maybe some of the Arabic web developers would like to join this effort into adding Arabic language to the list of languages in is changing! Having started by only supporting English, we have now adopted the mission to support any language that our users ask for. If you want to join in on this saga, please drop a line at our blog. Peace


Isam Bayazidi said...

I do not understand.. Why would anyone waste his time and effort to give it for free to a commercial company ? If you had asked for people to help in the Arabic Wordpress project then it is very fine.. but assisting the commercial company.. well I don't think so..

PALFORCE said...

Errr.... I take that as a no?! LOL
I didn't get what ya saying? you in or out? LOL


I see your point but to me Arabizing is worth it regardless if it is comemrcial or non-profit.