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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sajjil ana shee3y !!

Salam, I have been away for a while had to go under the knife and now in recovering, everything is good elhamdella. These days I sit home and watch TV and read blogs, kinda boring if you asked me. The reaction of the Muslim/Arabic people humors me BTW. I mean each time we got butchered by Israel We start shouting and crying and boycott this and boycott that, then we name this day a pretty name and give it an annual birthday and celebrate it every year. To me this is pathetic if you ask me. I mean we Arabs are moved by our emotions, like sheep led by T.V. While the truth is that Israel would not dare to attack Lebanon without a green light from other Arab countries and Saudi is one of them. What we really need to do is cross the line, cross all lines. At a started I want to declare that I'm a shee3y from now on, cause they are the only honest fighters beside Hamas who are still alive. Second, I don't see what the big fuss is all about, I think we Arabs need to march peacefully into Israel. Heck, if they can barge into Lebanon and kill us like sheep then we want to peacefully march into Israel no weapons nothing, just go walk in and claim your spot. And finally, We do need to clean house before we blame Israel or the US let's see who let them in first and who's telling them which building to shoot at. I wish I can see anythign good gonna come out of this battle, but like everytime the good guy always die in real life. This is gonna end by the killing of Nasrallah. And then everything is back to normal, sadly but true. God Bless Nasrallah !


Anonymous said...

but are you shia out of belief or because 'they are stronger'? doing this is more harmful Khaled because I once asked a Fatah member why did he join (he was a communist before), he said 'we wanted to take revenge at the christians in Lebanon, and Fatah was the strongest'.

if you want to become a shia out of emotions then you are doing exactly as Arabs do when they are lead by their emotions on TV.

that said, i am not saying shia is bad, on the contrary - if i was born 1400 years ago, I would be a shia of Ali because he was on the right side. read their history and their arguments because this is where their strength and belief comes from, not from emotions.

PALFORCE said...

Salam ya Anon,

I'm not converting, I'm standing along side of Hizballah.

It is a stand to support their position against Israel no more no less.

It's a move to cross the line of Sunni & Shi3a and look beyond the differences and support them unlike those Arab leaders who are trying to get rid of them.


Qwaider قويدر said...

I'm not either, But ... I Joined te club too

lammoush said...

i know ppl who r not even muslim, or even some who dont beleive in God and took that stand, we've had enough with humiliation already.. its good atleast with all this number of (happily humiliated) theres still some who can stand up
by the way salamtak!

PALFORCE said...

Qwaider, Welcome to the club man.

Lammoush, Allah yesalmek.