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Friday, August 18, 2006

Ben-Gurion's prophecy!

Salam, Ben-Gurion declared: "Even if Israel wins 50 wars, it will not defeat the Arab world, but the Arabs have to win only one war to destroy the State of Israel." Thanks: Enlightened Journeys

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Anonymous said...


First of all Ben Gurion was speaking in the context of the threat posed to Israel by a unified attack of Arab nations, and the loss of one war in the context of total destruction - you know the old rhetoric ... "throw the Jews in the sea" etc. If you are referring to the recent conflict with Hezbollah then you are trivializing Ben Gurion's quote (A quote not a prophecy.), as this conflict was not at all threatening to the existence of Israel.

By the way.... An interesting blog you are writing with some interesting view points! I am an Israeli that has traveled in a number of Arab countries and for a time lived in Amman. Hope we will have peace in our life time!