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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Cadbury chocolates have been withdrawn from Europe

I got this in the email this morning: Cadbury chocolates have been withdrawn from Europe because of contamination with a rare strain of salmonella. And of course what better place to dump these wasted products than the third world. The chocolates will be sold in these markets for cheaper prices. Tell any body who has kids or like to eat Cadbury!!!!! To verify, check these links: _________________________________________________ Dang it , Another one of my favorite chocolates is out. I have been craving Bounty,Mars, the other candy that has fried coconuts on top and its kinda crunchy with orange wrapping, also the Arabic M&M (that's what I call it) forgot the name. OK I need to stop, too bad I haven't seen those in agesssssssssssssssssssssssssss. Peace


Roba said...

That's not true.
The actual news is true, it happened a few months ago, but it wasn't the entire line and nor did they sell it to the 3rd World Countries. They actually buried the chocolate somewhere in England, and it was a huge thing because the kids went on a "Charlie and the Chocolate factory" sort of expedition to look for the rotten-chocolate hideaway. Needless to say they never found it.

the caller said...

asalam 3alaykom,
hi's my first time here..nice blog..
Here's what happened with cadbury!!
last month ,they discovered that contamination thing in the chocklates but after what??
After the generous company gave away hundreds of thousands of boxes to orfans around egypt..
talk about global chrity!!

PALFORCE said...

Thanks for the info.

The Caller,
Welcome to my blog.