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Friday, August 04, 2006

Jewish Voice for Peace

More posters....


Anonymous said...

there is no occupation. it is in your mind.

in the 1917 british mandate, the land where israel exists was granted to them by the british.

after you check out the history of the palestinian/israeli conflict from the above website, note that only 15% of the total land space designated as palestine back then is now the state of israel.

PALFORCE said...

That's weird !

Cause this poster is done by Jews!

Wonder who to beleive now?!

What's next? There are no Palestinians?!


Anonymous said...

yes. that is weird.

as for palestinians, from what I understand there were jewish palestinians, and arab palestinians living in that region for ages. in other words, both jewish and arab people are indigenous to that region.

isn't it true that jewish people lived in that area for thousands of years just like arab people did?

just trying to get to the truth.

21stCenturyShea said...


It's very gratifying to see a post on an Arab blog of late that focuses on the main priority--stopping the violence--rather than demonizing the Israelis as soulless monsters.

Jews are no more inherently evil than Arabs.

21stCenturyShea said...


It's good to see a blog that focuses on ending the violence rather than denouncing Israelis are soulless monsters.

PALFORCE said...

I agree Shea.

Anonymous said...

I will agree that Israel has the right to excist.
But they have to give up land that they are stealing from Palestinians, including the water.
These settlements are constantly grabbing more land and stealing water from the Palestinians to make the settlement lands more productive.