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Monday, July 20, 2009

Business Dinner & lunch places in Amman!

OK Ammanies, I have top management coming to Amman this week for the second time. The last time I took them to Romeros & Fakhreddin. This time I need a fancy quiet restaurant for a dinner meeting and another for Lunch, I have got some tips but I'm still looking. Lebanese, Italian, International. I want something expensive and not too crowded. Should I go to 5 star hotels resturants like Four Seasons? Help, time running out. Thanks, Khaled


bambam said...

you want fine dining i take it ... hmm ... here are some suggestions
32 degrees north (seafood) or indochine (thai/viet) in the hyatt
Burj il hamam(leb) or hindi in the inter con
282(steak house) in meridian
mason verte (french) shmeisani
tanoreen (lebanese) i prefer it over fakherildeen in um uthaina -not open for lunch from what i recall
Centro (french/international) 4th circle
library lounge in marriot shmeisani some of the best steaks. (one in the dead sea is even better and could be good for dinner)
Samurai (sushi) in royal
viniagrette(italian/jap fusion) in shmeisani howard johnson/qasr excellent view
Ren chai (chinese) excellent chinese in 4th circle.
and thanks for mention

PALFORCE said...

Wow Bambam, you have outdone yourself.

Thanks a million :-)

My pleasure.