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Monday, July 27, 2009

Be kind to Camels!

I went to Distant Heat last weekend and while at the bus, they handed us these instructions sheet, and here are some of their instructions: - No Weapons of Mass distraction!!! What the heck is Mass distraction? Is it a misspell? Or is there such a thing?! - Be kind to Camels!!! What about those Camel Jockeys? da heck with them? I mean why da camels? How about those donkeys? Plants? Desert? Why camels? Please someone explains.


kinzi said...

Weapon of Mass Distraction: the Wonderbra

Camels? Mish 3arfeh @@

soreal said...

dont you know? camels are known of being vicious :P

RB said...

It's not a typo, they mean drugs and psychedelic pills or whatever makes one go high trippin'.

The camels part, just loosen up, they're trying to tell you to not screw up the desert with your garbage in a comic way.

Hope you enjoyed the party :)

Anonymous said...

LOL @wonderbra :P

I got a similar one last year that asked us to be kind to camels, i think it might be some sort of advertising, to get you to think about camels and then subconsciously decide to go ride some :P