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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Distant Heat 2009 Couples only?!

So I'm sitting at Books@Cafe having lunch and writing my reports, then started talking with the owner and we started talking about tourism and hotels in Jordan.

He informed me about a new poster he just posted at the Bulletin Board, and was telling me about this DJ Armin who is #1 worldwide.

It sounded fun, so I made a couple of calls and a group of us 3 plus my nephews decided to attend the INTERNATIONAL EVENT.

Went this morning to Romero to buy tickets and guess what?!



I mean I understand if some local restaurant or disco have such policy.

But for an international event? And by the way it was not mentioned at the poster anything about families only (yeah right).

I'm pissed; it is one thing to control a local event, but Distant Heat?!

For Pete Sake, come on people. uufttt

Taking kids to see Ice Age 3.



dev3k said...

i understand your feeling , "COUPLES ONLY" what a joke its default thing for every international event and any freaking party in Jordan , and tickets over priced i suggest making VIP tickets couples only and regular for anyone that way they can make more $ , for me i decided to go to Lebanon to see any international event

J said...

Ok guys,

I have to say this is a tough one, even though ideally it should be simple. Ideally, yes you are absolutely right - this thing should not be couples only and anyone should be able to go minus the girlfriend.

BUT - Jordan is a bit tricky when it comes to events period. Ticket control for both big and small events has to be controlled for the same reasons: Jordan is still not as open as Lebanon, most young women tend to have curfews, the nightlife is still relatively new and unstable and last but not least, gatherings of Jordanian men tend to end up in fights.

So, whereas it totally sucks that you and the boys cant just easily grab tickets, its also a comfort for those who are going to know that once they show up there its not gonna be 90% testosterone.

Its unfortunate, but for the time being it is what it is,

As for price, I enjoy partying in Beirut as much as the next person, but Wadi Rum is different. Yes its more expensive, but its also only 2-3,000 people. Not 15,000 people. The ticket includes 5-7 drinks, dinner, breakfast, a gorgeous campsite for the night and entrance to the beach party the next day.

I definitely spend way more than that on a weekend in Beirut.

DH is more personal and only happens once a year, and I love the beach party the next day as much as the night in Wadi Rum