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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Do Jordanians lack the right HOSPITALITY SERVICE?

Remember my POST about Tourism in Jordan? Check out this conversation that happened last night at some upscale cafe at the 5th ring. I took my management to this cafe before we head for dinner to talk. (Remember this is their second time in Jordan and they always compare us with Lebanon). This is the conversation that went between my boss and the waiter, remember our company is a hospitality company and we deal with hotels and F&B. Waiter: What can I get for you to drink? Customer: I want something cold and fresh; I see that you have Vanilla, Strawberry & Mango juice. Which one should I go for? What do you suggest? Waiter: That is up to you sir! I can't tell you what to drink! Customer: Surprise me! Waiter: No can do, you have to pick a flavor. Mind you this is no some ordinary place but rather a fancy one. My boss then turns to me and says: if we are in Lebanon the waiter would have said: " Habeeb alby halla barooh ba3sorrak a7la 3aseer 3ala zoo2i wed3eeli". Then looks at me and says: I rest my case. People, get with the program! We need to learn how to give the right hospitality service to tourists.


Anonymous said...

Waiter sounds very uptight. But if I was the waiter and someone mocked me, I would have given him a little "extra" in his drink.....and his food. Happens all the time.

bambam said...

hmm ... actually some places started becoming a bit better at that (well a couple come to mind) so i'm curious where did u end up taking them for lunch and dinner.

PALFORCE said...

Anon: No we did not mock him. We the last part was a conversation among us.

Bambam: They adviced to go to a Shami restaurant and not Asian because our guest might not like Asian food. So I called Borj Al Hamam and they close on Tuesday!!
So we settled for AL Halaby at Crown Plaza.

The cafe was at Whispers.


identitychef said...

Classic! Yes I've noticed most waiters in Jordan seemed uptight! But then again I am lebanese :)