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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Back with few rants.

Salam, I finally moved to another city closer to my work. Each time I move I swear I will never move again and a year or two I move, but the process has got a lot better for me from past experience. In the 1990's I used to ask a couple of friends to come and help me move, the largest thing I would have a couch or a my queen size mattress. Then late 1990's I would go and hire a couple of Mexicans and pay them per hour and they would move me in no time. Well, this time I researched moving companies. I got a quote to me for $1300, then I kept on digging and I found out you can hire loaders/unloaders. Meaning I only hire men power to load and unload the truck that I would be renting and driving. I hired 4 guys for $100/hour and they came and inspect my place and gave me a time span of 1 1/2 loading and 1 1/2 unloading totaling 3 hours= $300 + truck/Gas($200)= $500... Not bad eh? We started at 7 a.m Saturday and we were done by mid day. Ok, moving on... I would like to talk about few rants that have been bothering me for a while.... Sometimes things happens, and issues arise. Politicos plays a huge role in the Middle East and things can swing either way depending on decisions governments take. Let's take the Jordan/Hamas issue, people in Jordan have been friends even relatives for ages, and when something shady like this happens both sides started throwing the other side with stones and it is like we are worse enemies. And now the Palestinians this and the Palestinians that. And here is my take on the issue, I don't really give a hoot about if the story is right or not. Whoever is guilty should pay the price. The sad thing is that people started changing colors and some started attacking all Palies. I don't care really to associate with such group. If you are ignorant and can only see black or white you are worthless to me, I always strive on being around people who see beyond race/color/sex. Now, let's take the issue of those IAF deputies who got jailed for visiting ZARQAWI family. Although I hate Zarqawi, Bin Laden and the whole ALQAEDA shindig, isn't this abuse of freedom of expression? I mean if you want to talk "Democracy" then you have to understand it is a two way street, you can not have your cake and eat it too... Those IAF deputies although supporting the wrong figure but it is still an issue of freedom of expression and jailing them is against "Democracy". If you are Palestinian, say so don't be shame of who you are, all those Palestinians who claim they are otherwise, Palestine care less about you anyways. If you are Muslim , be proud and act like one. Don't be a puppet for those claiming to bring Democracy to the Middle east. I mean I don't have to become and atheist or support anti Islam movements so others can call me open minded Arab. I see a lot of bloggers brown nosing non-Muslims in hope to cope and become a part of the Western Norm. I can still be a good Muslim and fight terrorism and those who bring Islam a bad name. Ok, that's all for now... I'm part of Palestineblogs. Which I never knew it exists.. GMAT in 4 hours!! That's all folks.

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I don't know if you caught this or not, but I am writing a series of articles about a soldier and his ideas before he is deployed.