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Friday, June 02, 2006

Israel Shamir

Israel Shamir has a new translation; My new book, a translation (into English from medieval Hebrew) of the 15th century classical Jewish history by a contemporary of Leonardo da Vinci, Rabbi Abraham Zacuto, was published and is available on the web from Booksurge: and from the Amazon: at very low (temporary) price of $15, for 600 pages and 5000 footnotes. More about the book: on the site Email of the publishers


kinzi said...

Khaled, anjad? You are a published author! Let's break out the sparkling apple juice! Can you post the inside fly cover or forward?

PALFORCE said...


Do you realy think I can publish a book>? you are too kind :-)

Israel Shamir is the one who did not me :P


medowsky said...


Please check out my blog:

"The Middle Eastern Conflict: An Attempt At Healing",