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Friday, June 02, 2006

Whois Dr. Miller?

Dr Gary Miller (Abdul-Ahad Omar) is a Canadian Muslim. He is notable for being a former Christian theologian and minister who converted to Islam. Since his coversion he has been active in giving public presentations on Islam including radio and television appearances. He is also the author of several articles and publications about the religion. He has given many lectures and written essays about his research. See also Dawah List of converts to Islam List of Da'ees Islamic scholars External links Gary Miller — Audio lectures by Gary Miller The Amazing Quran


Anonymous said...

Ya 7abibi ya Khaled. Again with all what u added to identify Dr. Gary Miller, or Dr. Gray Miller, such person does not seem to exist!!

I would definately assume that the most popular missionary in Canada would have a strong profile presenting his work!!!

The Koran challenges people to find mistakes in it?!! and they fail?!! With all respect, I think u should reconsider your sources?! or check that you have access to the right answers?!!

Just please, authenticate your information before beleiving in it, and using commonsense could be a great help.

The number one missionary in one of the biggest countries in the world has no record what so ever on the internet :) be serious man.

Nas said...

yeah mashallah he's doing the da3wah thing. i missed a lecture for him over here in Toronto a while back and I've regreted it. I have a tremendous respect for converts, especially if they know the bible well. I guess it's because they really know what they're talking about and can face up to critics, most of whom tend to be Christians.

PALFORCE said...

Ya Mr. Anon,

I'm sorry you are living in a state of denial; here is the link where this post came from:

Ya seedy I'm sorry you took offense to the post, I'm not putting down Christianity, I'm just simply proud to be a Muslim.
And these days it is nice to see good things about Islam flowing around, so I said I got to blog this.


NAR said...

Here is a collection of lectures by the man:

Natalia said...

You know, this is slightly off-topic, but I look at this information about a successful convert to Islam, and then I wonder about the death threats against converts from Islam, and I have to shake my head... There's a lot of work to be done in Afghanistan and beyond.

I'm just glad that people seem to get along in Canada. What a great place.

Anonymous said...

I just wonder how you suddenly decide to suspect the existence of Dr. Miller when you are so ignorant and you didn't even bother your self to search the internet to know if he exists or not..
What I am really sure of, that you are so IGNORANT "Jahel" because you suspect facts even before checking them..
Go spend your life studying the Qura'an and when you are done "which I doubt" tell me "you ignorant" what mistake you found in the Great Quraan. And before that I will appreciate having your mouth shut before suspecting any word in our Great Qura’an.
al7amdo le allah rab el3alameen for being a Muslim. Especially in these times.

Yousufi said...

Does anyone know whereabouts of Dr. Gary Miller? "nas" here said something about missing his lecture in Toronto! Can somebody find Dr. Miller?

Dr.Khaled said...

Ok, some one asked for Dr.Miller.
In this site you can find all of Dr.Miller`s lectures (his voice).

And be coooooooooool

Anonymous said...

I like him........

Khadra said...


Thanks for finding the link with all the lectures. I came across him by chance online, and have enjoyed his lecturers ever since.

Are there anymore places where I can find a bigger collection? Maybe his own site?

Jazakullahu Khair