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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Church burning in Alabama

Salam, Today I'm going to talk about a Hate Crime that went unpunished in Alabama. I mean just because those men didn't fit the profile so I guess they didn't mean it. Three Jewish college students burnt down nine churches, and had every black churchgoer in Alabama scared to death. They appeared to have used specially-designed, military-grade thermite bombs for this. Why is NO ONE covering this as a hate crime!! Why did NO mainstream media outlets report that these three boys were JEWISH???

Their defense is - "It was all a prank."
Posted 2/3/2006 10:53 AM Updated 2/3/2006 10:02 PM Fires damage or destroy five rural Alabama churches Gov. Bob Riley said in a statement he was outraged that somebody would deliberately set churches on fire. "I want the people of the affected area to know that the state will do all that's possible to find those responsible and bring them to justice," Riley said.
Republican Congressman Spencer Bachus of Alabama visited Bibb County Friday "to see the destruction firsthand." "My deepest sympathies are with the residents of Bibb County and members of the affected churches," Bachus said in a statement released by his office. "Federal, state and local resources are being exhausted to find those responsible for these heinous acts. ... My prayer is that the people of Bibb County can soon begin to heal."
Whether these were crimes of adolescent boredom—joyriding teenagers with nothing to do who decided to see how many churches they could burn in how short a period of time, or fires set to cover simple burglaries, or even hate crimes directed against the local religious community, the sheer number of investigators assigned to this case will in all likelihood quickly lead to the fire setters themselves. Teenagers, especially if more than one is involved, may talk, perhaps brag to others about what they did. It is, after all, the aftermath of the arson, seeing the results of their “handiwork,” that gives many arsonists the psychological reward or satisfaction they seek. Other suspects will likely be identified by the physical evidence found at the crime scenes and by the combined efforts of investigators and local residents in bringing these criminals to justice.

Ashby Baptist Church - Brierfield, Alabama (destroyed) Rehobeth Baptist Church - Lawley, Alabama (destroyed) Old Union Baptist Church - Brierfield (damaged) Antioch Baptist Church - Antioch, Alabama (damaged) Galilee Baptist Church - Panola, Alabama (destroyed) Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church - Boligee, Alabama (destroyed) Pleasant Sabine Baptist Church - Centreville, Alabama (destroyed) Dancy First Baptist Church - Aliceville, Alabama (damaged) Spring Valley Baptist Church - Emelle, Alabama (damaged) Beaverton Freewill Baptist Church -Sulligent, Alabama (damaged) (According to Fox News, most of the fires appear to have been set in the sanctuary near the altar. Message of hate?)

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. - Three college students accused of setting fire to a string of rural churches can be released from jail on $50,000 bond each, provided they stay away from alcohol, cars and home computers, a judge ruled Thursday.

Attorney For Students "Tom Spina says this wasn't a religious, or a hate, crime. They come from wealthy families."

How Come No Hate Crime Charges? These Psychos burnt down nine churches, and had every black churchgoer in Alabama scared to death. They appeared to have used specially-designed thermite, or incendiary magnesium, as an accelerant. To claim that these church burnings (map) were just a prank, is ludicrous. You just don't burn nine Baptist churches without an agenda. The damage is over two million dollars. Three firemen were injured.


Ladies and gentlemen, this was a presentation to show you how the media works. If you your name have a Mohammad in it, rest assure that you will be hanged before a trial even. But if you are lucky enough to have Jewish roots, no sweat, you will go unpunished and no media is going to chase you.



hareega said...

If their names were Raheem, Ahmad and Abdul Rahmaan you'll find them on the O'Rielly Factor everyday for one week withn him looking at the screen asking "what should be do with these Muslims?"

Joachim said...

what exactly is your source that these guys were Jewish or that their religion played any role in this crime? The "source" you provide is a link to a wacko group called "the rumor mill news," which in turn provides no basis for its facts or allegations. Is this kind of nonesense the basis for your claim that Muslims are somehow mistreated?

PALFORCE said...

My point was thats as long they are not called Mohamad, or Abdul then they will get off the hook pretty easy. I careless if they were jewish or whatever, the media will not call it a Jewish or a Christian terrorists. But if they were Muslims then it is a Muslim terrorists.

Pammy Sue said...

If you don't really know if they are Jewish, then why mention it on your site? I can see how if they were Muslim, they would have been treated differently...that's the point. It's important that they be punished regardless of whether or not the crime was hate motivated or just a prank. Why play the Jewish card, unless you know it's true?

Anonymous said...

I came across this post on your blog thru various links, and was surprised in the same way that the above comment poster was - you seem to label the three men arrested as Jewish without any evidence to that effect, and then suggest - in a reply to the comment above which raises this question - that it's no big deal. Not only is your labeling of the men arrested as Jewish without evidence to that effect shoddy journalism, your failure to remove that aspect of the post, or respond to the challenge, is evidence of bigotry and prejudice, and calls into question everything else you "claim" on your site.

Those who purport to defend certain principles should practice them.

PALFORCE said...

Dear Anonymous,

My point in this article is those 3 men committed a hate crime and their act should be labeled as an act of terror. But they are going to be off the hook simply because their names are not Mohammad or Abdul.

That's my point, while I was researching this story, I quoted several articles from different sites and one site claims they are Jewish, now I careless if they are Jewish or Christians or Atheist even, my point is that as long they are not Muslims they will not be painted as terrorist.

I'm not playing the Jewish card; I'm playing the non-Muslims card.

While we are on this subject, I would like to add another point, Criminals should be punished regardless of their religion or race. We shouldn't selectively punish people according to their color instead of their crime.


Anonymous said...

As a student at Birmingham-Southern College, I feel like some of you have been misinformed. Two statements I would like to make is that none of the students were Jewish, and each were indicted on nine counts of second-degree arson and nine counts of third-degree burglary. So, to say that they are getting off the hook is a little of an exaggeration.