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Wednesday, November 09, 2005


My wife had a Hen gathering the other day, so I was forbiden to come home. So I went to the movies. I was torn between JARHEAD and DOOM! I knew Jarhead is a better movie, but I wasn't in a seriouse moood, so I went to see DOOM. The movie is OK , if you are a gamer it's a good movie, the funniest line in the move was played by THE ROCK. Midway through the movie he get caught by Zombies and he goes:
" I'm not suppose to die!!"
it cracked me up. Peace


Nas said...

loool man if u wanted to laugh then u shudve gone to jarhead!

McArabian said...

Nas is right. Jarhead is brilliant! A lot like 'Full Metal Jacket' in terms of dealing with the psychology of the army and warfare bas weirdly enough, not a lot about Kuwait in it.

I love that movie - hoora.