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Thursday, November 10, 2005

A random thought !

Salam, I know the emotions are high and at times like this it is easy to jump to conclusions. I just have any thing to point out. There were report that Israelis were evacuated from the hotel before the explosion. I would like to warn my fellow Brothers & Sisters not to fall into that trap. It doesn't matter whois behind is terror act, we need to stop blaming Israel for everything that went wrong in our lives. Since 1948 we blamed everything on Israel, if we didn't finish our education it was Israel's fault, and if we didn't build a house it was Israel's fault. Israel became our placebo for every little thing that went wrong in our lives. It doesn't matter if they were "Muslims" , "Christians" , "Jewish" , "Arabs" , or whatever nationality they are. They are terrorists and should be tracked down and punished. Violence against civilians is a crime , a suicide bomber or an F16 shooting civilians are both crimes against humanity. May God rest their souls in peace. Peace

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you. If we blame others for our problems, we imply that we can't fix them - so we never will.

-- nar