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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Liquor store damaged by fire after vandalism

Posted on Tue, Nov. 29, 2005 Liquor store damaged by fire after vandalism By Justin M. Norton Associated Press An Oakland liquor store was heavily damaged by an apparent arson fire Monday, just days after it was trashed by well-dressed vandals who told the owners to stop selling alcohol to black people, authorities said. Police had no suspects in the fire, which was reported about 1 a.m. They refused to say whether they believed the blaze at New York Market was connected to vandalism last week at the store and the nearby San Pablo Market and Liquor in West Oakland. Deputy Police Chief Howard Jordan said police would seek arrest warrants on charges of terrorist threats, conspiracy, vandalism and robbery against six men suspected of trashing the two liquor stores. Workers at both stores said a group of about a dozen men dressed in suits and bow ties stormed into the shops Wednesday, smashed liquor bottles and knocked over racks of food. The attack at San Pablo Market and Liquor was captured on a video surveillance camera, showing several men smashing glass display windows. ``In both incidents, the suspects entered the store and questioned why a Muslim-owned store would sell alcoholic beverages when it is against the Muslim religion,'' police said in a statement. The vandals, who were black, also ordered the clerks to stop selling alcohol to blacks. A shotgun was also stolen from one of the stores, police said. Minister Tony Muhammad, West Coast leader for the Nation of Islam, has spoken out against allegations the group was connected to the vandalism and condemned the acts. Oakland police said the group, known for wearing suits and bow ties, was not under investigation. Police also said their investigation ``concluded that the individuals responsible are not associated with the Nation of Islam.'' Investigators were looking into the incidents as hate crimes because the stores' owners are of Middle Eastern descent and are Muslims, Jordan said. ________________________________________________________________ Burning somebody's business is a criminal act. But why do Muslim Arabs go and target poor black communities and sell them Alcohol, tobacco, God knows what else?! We shouldn't be the root of evil. And by the way when God said do not kill,cheat,steal,.... he was talking about do not do evil to anyone period, cause SOME Muslims think it's ok to steal from non-Muslims, or sell alcohol to non-Muslims, or cheat non-Muslims..
read your Quran people. _________________________________________________________________________ Phew!! That was my rant for the day. Peace out.

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