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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Five questions non-Muslims would like answered

Salam, Kinzi asked me and some of the fellow Muslims Bloggers to answer this article at Sabah's blog. The article is at LA Times By Dennis Prager. Here is some of the article: Five questions non-Muslims would like answered By Dennis Prager, Dennis Prager's nationally syndicated radio show is heard daily in Los Angeles on KRLA-AM (870). He may be contacted through his website: THE RIOTING IN France by primarily Muslim youths and the hotel bombings in Jordan are the latest events to prompt sincere questions that law-abiding Muslims need to answer for Islam's sake, as well as for the sake of worried non-Muslims. Here are five of them: Here are my own personal answers; I speak only for myself not for anyone else; (1) Why are you so quiet? Well, Israel occupied Palestinian land and the whole world was quiet for over 50 years, did you bother to ask why that is? A handicap old man being killed by a missile from an F16 killing him and everybody around him on his way from worshiping God, or a whole camp being slaughtered with the blessing of the Israeli army or a rocket hitting the apartment of a political man killing him and 9 of his family members is also called terrorism. While I might not agree with people blowing up themselves, I also do not agree on F16 rocketing civilians. You personally didn't say anything about the F16? I haven't been through what the Palestinian been through these years. I don't know what makes a person strap a bomb around him and go around blowing himself along with everybody around him. Must have been a tough life. I pray for both people to find peace together. (2) Why are none of the Palestinian terrorists Christian? That's a false statement. Wadee Hadad, George Habbash and many Palestinian organization leaders are Christians. (3) Why is only one of the 47 Muslim-majority countries a free country? Easy, most leaders were appointed by The British and were help to stay in power by the Americans. Which is something the US is rethinking. (4) Why are so many atrocities committed and threatened by Muslims in the name of Islam? Well, a lot worse has been done by Christians, remember McVeigh? The Crusades? (5) Why do countries governed by religious Muslims persecute other religions? I would blame this on the government itself not Islam, if you read the history of Islam you would find that Islam is the most tolerance of all. Are there any mosques or temples in the Vatican City? Peace


q8Sultana said...

There was a discussion of why aren't there Mosques in the Vatican city just recently on some other blog.
It's quite a silly (if not stupid) question if you think about it. The Vatican has a population of 900 people. I wonder how many of those 900 are Muslim? 0? There simply isn't demand for one.
(Just the same way there wouldn't be demand for a Church in Mecca, even though Mecca's population is 900thousand)
However, there is at least one Mosques in Rome, so obviously Muslims in Rome (just a few neighbourhoods away from the Vatican+Pope) are free to practise their religion.
(Now I could ask, so then why are Churches banned in the whole of Saudi? But I won't cause I believe if you have a problem with Saudi not letting you practise your religion, then simply don't go there.)

PALFORCE said...

There were churches in many muslims countries in the past, not having one in Saudi would be a governmental decission not Islamic. And like Sultana said, if Saudi don't want to have churches there, then don't go there.

William said...

My turn :)

1. Everyone is not really quiet. The internet has provided a voice for those who cannot speak out in public. People react. People disapproved. Alot are muslims.

4. You didn't answer the question. You reflected it with another question. The reason it happens in ANY religion is because people are fanatics. Fanatacism is the cause of death, destruction, hatred, and non-acceptance. Who wants to join a "violent" religion? I know Islam is not a violent religion. I know it's tolerant. I know it recognizes the 3 holy books. Alot of non-Muslims do not because what they see of Muslims are suicide bombing fanatics killing people in the name of Allah. Hell, most don't realize Allah and God are the SAME thing. So, to answer the question for you, fanatacism.

5. Are there any churches in Mecca? Can I even go IN Mecca as a non-Muslim? (I don't think I can, but I could be wrong :)) Churches in Saudi Arabia?

I believe Islam is the most tolerant because it came last. Maybe it would be different if Christian did not preceed Islam.

If you are going to post questions like that, at least post an answer that is not in the form of another question going away from the initial inquiry. Like for number 4, he wanted to know specifically about atrocities and threats in the name of Islam, not Christianity. You want an answer why Christians did it? Because they were fucking nuts. Same with fanatical Muslims. They are nuts.

la illaha illa allah, and we all worship Him.

William said...

And as for number 1, who cares why they are so quiet, they were asking why you were, and to that I would say you aren't.

William said...

Also, number 5, like your comment says, "...don't go there." Don't go to the Vatican.

PALFORCE said...

Thanks Williams.

Kaleidoscope said...

I believe the CIA amongst other western and moderate Arab governmental agencies are actually behind the hype and the disinformation of desensitizing the image of Islam by having Muslims first supposedly 'terrorize' the world and then the Muslim-Arab world. Few Gulf Arab countries are terrorizing Islam by blaming it on terrorists when they too are superbly terrorizing their peoples on a very unIslamic basis.

As is currently happening, Muslim sects are starting to attack one another and I believe this will escalate in the future to where perhaps the greater nations of Shia and Sunna Islam will battle it out for greater power in the Arab/Muslim region. And the CIA will supply and misinform both at the same time while they watch their art form take shape. Their art form being ‘democracy’ (capitalism). It is already happening but on a minute scale in Iraq. Sheikhdom will also be affected, whether toppled or strangled to death by having their oil wealth siphoned to primarily the US at a fraction of open market prices (which is already happening with some of Gulf allies).

Even most average Americans are unaware of what their government agencies are perpetuating.

Ponder this: The largest American embassy in the world is being built, if not already finished, in Baghdad. That makes one wonder: why there, why now, and why so large?

Dave said...

"The largest American embassy in the world is being built, if not already finished, in Baghdad. That makes one wonder: why there, why now, and why so large?"

Because American always build big, that's why. Just look at half of the vehicles on American roads.

PALFORCE said...
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Kaleidoscope said...

Dave: Is that your SERIOUS reasoning behind the construction of the world's largest US Embassy in Baghdad? If it is, then it'd be a waste to intelligently respond to your comment.

Palforce: You might like this post which I ran into today that has a related concern to your post on the Manrilla Blog about how the US army used white phosphorous when they entered Falluja about a year back.

PALFORCE said...

Thanks eclectic, I looked at the blog, I also had it posted on mine:


William said...

I saw that post about the white phosphorous too. Sad. I could respond with a "well what have other people used" (not as an insult to you palforce), but because that is usually my natural instinct except when it comes to politics.

The american people want the troops brought home and the war over. The government (for the most part) want the same thing. The bad part is, the way our government is setup, you can't just overthrow the government without severe consequences. I predict this war is going to completely tear baghdad apart and start a civil war. There is no telling what it will do to the US, but not something good.

The headline on the paper in front of me reads, "Amid debate, Bush vows 'complete victory' in Iraq. The battle Bush wants won is something that will never happen. You have terrorists all over the world, in ever country, every nationality. It will never be wiped out, and as long as we have a 175,000+ military presence in Iraq, it won't get better. Iraq is NOT liberated, it IS occupied. Nothing like "freeing" a people and basically hand picking the government :)

As for conspiracies, I dunno. I personally think 9/11 was partly a big setup. The patriot act (over 1000 pages I believe) was approved what, the next day? How do you CONSIDER and TYPE 1000 pages in a day? You don't. I think that's where it started because in my opinion, the invasion of Iraq has been planned for a long time. I just hope the next phase of Bush's plan cannot take effect by light of him being out of office.

Now though, the US has a problem. Suicide bombers are attacking Mosques in Iraq now, people, police, soldiers, etc. If the US pulls out now, there WILL be a backlash from people all over the world about how the US could have protected people from dying. As long as they stay, they are the cause of it. Unfortunately, our wonderful commander-in-chief has put us in this situation.

Marqas said...

Since when did problems that concern Muslim or involve Muslims became a universally binding question posed to all Muslims? To be frank, I'm not an ethnic Muslim, so to me, many of the problems seem to be local issues, if you take my meaning. I am not Palestinian and personally, the problem isn't a religious one, it's a racial issue between two semi-religious groups. Not all Jews involved with the problem in Israel are hard core Zionists and not all Palestinians (for one not all Palestinians are Muslim) are all that religious. But, it's an area that has a deep religious history. I view it as a local problem that the locals should work out. Similarly, the problem with rioting in France is a French issue. This may sound shocking to many Muslim and non-Muslim readers that I, a Muslim, would take such a stance. And while yes, we all do share one faith (our ummah) that doesn't make this (tribal territorialisms) a universally binding issue. Now, I know that many Muslims will try and throw the Qur'an at me, citing verses where God talks about us being one ummah, about if one Muslim has a problem, all Muslims have a problem but we cannot simply dumb this down and make it this simple. Now, while I may sympathize with the Iraqi people or the Uighar people or whoever, as an outsider, I am not going to stick my neck into that. Personally, I am tired of being made some how guilty by religious association - meaning that if some wacko somewhere blows some shit up, I am now under the interrogation lamp and have to answer or explain away my religion. Shit, I dunno why he did what he did. I think it's screwed up (in the cases of people killing other people by blowing shit up) but you know, when you look at the problem in France, it ain't white, French Muslims that's the problem (and oh, yes, there are many of them). No, it's Arab/African Muslims. So, again, it's a racial issue with religious folks involved. To sum it up, I'm tired of this religious SPAM for lack of a better word. But no matter how sophisticated the Junk Mail filter is, some of it always seems to get through.

PALFORCE said...

Marqas: I like your take on the issue, thanks for stopping by.
And nice Blog BTW.


Abu Sinan said...

Good post. As an American married to an Arab woman I get a good angle on this subject from both directions.

It is interesting those who claim there is no racial animosity towards Arabs in the USA. You would be surprised the things said to me until I voice that I am married to an Arab.....opps....then the room goes silent.

PALFORCE said...

It used to be Blacks and Spanish and now it's our turn.
you know there is a sotry by our Prophet. The jews at that time wanted to prove him wrong, so they asked him about the punishment for some crime(adultry) if I wasnt mistaken and they were trying to prove him wrong regardless of his answer.
If he said to stone them to death they gonna say he is barbaric and if he said otherwise they gonna say he is wrong because in thier book it states that stoning to death is the punishment.
When they asked him, he told them to read thier book at page so and so, they woudl read and skip that page, then he had to point that certain quote for them even though he doesnt read.
This article was never meant for truth seeking, but it was a trick like Sabah said to add to the propoganda against Muslims and Arabs.