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Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Quickies #87 Everything you ever wanted to know about the "@" symbol. Encyclopedia-o-Mythbusters-episodes How-to make your own Wolverine claws How-to setup a Linux terminal server in 45 minutes 100 most often misspelled words Wacky Japanese vending machines More strange vending machines Live Lobster vending machine! Behold! The french frie vending machine Best bus stop advertising ever! PHP security guide New airless spare tire Interactive overview of a Japanese archology design How-to create a bootable Windows 2000/XP/2003 cd in Nero 6 How-to send text messages via e-mail to most major cell providers Everything you ever wanted to know about TCP/IP Ever wanted to know what the largest living organisms on earth are/were? Find out here. Now this is some kick ass geek art Must have apps for Mac OSX Apparently a cure for cancer was found back in the 50s Great tool for changing text into an image to hide information from packet sniffers. USB tv tuner that fits in your pocket! Whoever said phone phreaking was dead.... How Bill Gates first heard about Linux Win32 GNU utilities Student arrested for threatening school with zombie invasion?!? Viral batteries just around the corner How-to modify Google's Secure VPN client to connect to other networks Cheat-sheet: Firefox shortcuts How-to use your existing house phone lines for VOIP How cephalopod "beaks" work without a skeletal structure How-to make your windows directory smaller How-to modify a CVS disposable digital video cam to do night vision Google's Recruiting Video Ever seen the movie Final Cut? Here's a lo-tech version of that technology Find out what area a zipcode covers using Google Maps! How-to build a telephone recording circuit from an old modem How-to tie a necktie How-to overclock your Mac Mini Pirate treasure found! Live giant squid photographed! How-to get out of quicksand Every Mad magazine cover Sweet sweet cube of gaming goodness! How-to spoof GPS Find your next lan party via Google Maps The injet printer for graffiti artists Now this is an original way to wear glasses Giant-list-o-wardriving-tools AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sledge hammer operated keyboard with video! Code from the hit series Lost has been decoded! Ithica has been found! Best laptop wallpaper ever PDF: How-to make an origami Yoda How-to get your money's worth out of Best Buy Animated desktops MIT's $100 laptop concept Default passwords for just about anything Albert Einstein quotes Unix historical timeline, very cool Plant based plastic Giant list of made up words from The Simpsons I have got to get me one of these Sparknotes: C++ ReactOS is starting to look rather nice Gallery of old computers How-to write Firefox extensions 10 foods you should NEVER eat! How trackbacks work Ahahaha Geek Your Mom jokes Scientist slow down laser, write data to it, then send it on it's way. Optical routing can't be far off! How-to decode US driver's license numbers Surface is just a show right.... Why does HDTV rock? Because you can do stuff like this How-to setup keyless entry to your home using your cellphone How-to overclock an Linksys NSLU2 How-to find the closest ebay seller using Google Maps Source: Strages

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