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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Call your Senators TODAY to win their support for this all-important legislation.

Today could be the day. In just hours the Senate is likely to vote on Senator John McCain's anti-torture amendments. Today our government might finally make clear and absolute the U.S. military's ban on the use of torture - something they should have done long before the atrocities took place at Abu Ghraib, in Afghanistan, and elsewhere. With a vote expected tonight, now we have our chance. If ever there was a time for you to take action to help end U.S.-sanctioned torture, NOW IS IT. With just a brief moment of your time, you can help us win this crucial vote. Call your Senators TODAY to win their support for this all-important legislation. Senator Shelby can be reached at (202) 224-5744. Senator Sessions can be reached at (202) 224-4124. It is simple and only takes 2 minutes. Tell the staffer who takes your call: I am calling to urge my Senator to vote YES on Sen. McCain's amendments tonight. These amendments will ensure our troops will get the guidance they desperately need. The Senator has a moral and legal obligation to ban cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment. These amendments will draw a much-needed line between appropriate interrogation techniques and the horrible abuses I've read about in the papers. It is easy to make the call - and critical to ensuring success tonight. Call now. Please don't delay. Your Senators are likely voting TONIGHT. After you call, reply to this email to let us know you've played an important part to end U.S.-sanctioned torture. We promise to send you an update on how the events unfold tonight. As I write this, Sen. Rick Durbin is asking his colleagues: "Is it any wonder that people have been abused when we refuse to repudiate un-American practices like beating detainees?" Tonight our Senate could go a long way to fix the torture problem and restore our commitment to basic human rights. It has been a long, hard-fought battle. Your support is critical in these last hours. Every call counts - please forward this message to as many friends and family as you can. And please let us know you called. Sincerely, Jill Savitt Director of Campaigns Human Rights First

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