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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Darfur Fast Tomorrow

Darfur Fast Tomorrow
As we noted a few weeks ago, a coalition of American students has launched a Darfur Fast
- scheduled for tomorrow, October 6. It's both Ramadan and the Jewish "Fast of Gedaliah" holiday
- so millions around the world will be joining in, at least inadvertently.
The purpose of the fast is, according to, "To demonstrate our international solidarity with the people of Darfur. Not only does our fasting contribute funds to stop the genocide but we also commit to sacrifice luxuries in recognition of those who have lost all
- even their lives." Bill Cosby and NBA star Dikembe Matumbo are just of the many celebrities fasting.
There is also a move afoot to declare a "Blog Fast for Darfur." In other words, to refrain from postings tomorrow as a mark of solidarity. While few bloggers may choose to hold back entirely, you can still post this image to mark the day

Source: ...Or Does It Explode?

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