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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

More Quickes to waste time at work.

Man generates 40,000 volts of static while walking! German site(translated via babelfish) with a lot of pictures of various UAVs Tiny inty bittorrent client Tiny tiny SQL server Convert urls to BMP files quick and easy Lots of visual hacking tutorials A must have if you have an iPod, the iPod Bartender Measuring areas using Google Maps Light transmitting concrete, seriously wiggy stuff. Light has officially been stopped for over a second Hackers make Lego Digital Designer more efficient, interesting story. World's smallest mobile robot Hands down the best way to instant message online! Real-time map of where spam is coming from Rational's new and it's better Interesting article on why Microsoft's Cheif IE developer switched to Firefox, as well as a few critiques of firefox itself. Lots of bluetooth hacking software Scientist find real Jaguar Shark! Steve Zissou already on the way. Large list of the most popular livecd distros Is this the answer to all our fuel needs? Wikipedia + Google Maps = Placeopedia How-to use Google How-to setup an Asterisk answering machine USB memory stick/VOIP phone An odd proposal for having 28 hour days instead of 24 hour days Liquid Sculptures How-to harden Windows XP I gotta get me one of these Oh noes! Spider-goats! Play Gameboy roms on your iPod! How-to make an automated sentry gun If you're afraid of spiders, DO NOT click this link. Water is WIERD May we all be blessed by his noodly appendage....just like the people of this game How-to power a bike using a drill Behold, a bluetooth access point! Legal revenge against snail mail spam Programming language popularity visualized like the stock exchange How-to make ball lightning Sameul Adams is making a 25% beer?!? Play classis arcade games online to your hears content How-to bypass the automated phone systems of most major companies LiveCD router Get your Adult Swim fix online! Everything you ever wanted to know about those little things that float across your field of vision Paper tanks origami! Gorillaz to start holographic tour in 2007 Lemmings done DHTML, thanks Catonic How-to make people look old in Photoshop How-to make people look beautiful in Photoshop Calculate how much your pirated stash is worth, me = $16489.95 rough estimate This man sold his soul to the devil to draw things on sidewalks with chalk How-to throw cards This man sold his soul to the devil in order to stack playing cards Google Blog Search, and yes yours truly is listed. How-to embed a wifi detector in your backpack shoulder straps How-to hack network printers Best cubicle privacy ever! Thanks Catonic Thanks to Strages

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