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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Tareq Suwaidan

When I was in Kuwait, the only sheikh I used to listen to was Alqattan. But when I moved to the US, I kinda lost touch with good quality preaching. Then about 5 years ago a friend of mine gave me a tape for a sheikh called Tareq Swaidan, I was shocked to how much I relate to this Shaikh, he wasn’t no shouting preacher, nor was casting fatwas left and right. This man actually made a lot of sense to me, he talks about Islam Stories about Sayedna Mohamad Sallah Allah Alayhe Wasalam, and his close friends, he also preached about Alquds and the history of it. I was so moved with his words, He went to college in the states and he is into communications, he said at first he had stage fear then had to go take classes (6 months) to learn how to give speeches. He also talks about success and about how to raise your kids. I can go on and on for ever about Dr. Swaidan. But find out for yourself; السلاسل العلمية : سلسلة الإعجاز في القرآن الكريم سلسلة دعوة للنجاح سلسلة الدورة الإدارية سلسلة أحوال الأمة الإسلامية سلسلة جدد إيمانك سلسلة رتب حياتك سلسلة تاريخ القدس وفلسطين سلسلة الوقت في حياة المسلم الدروس والخطب : كيف تغير نفسك طلب العلم الإسلام ومنحنى التاريخ You can also check out his personal website: Peace

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Anonymous said...

what had happened with me was same the first time i heared about DR.Tareq Swaidan was from afriend i heared one of his tapes that lead me to hear most of his islamic tapes about alsera alnabaweya, Emortal women , the sign's of qiama and more and more and what makes him differant that he has his own way of talking and convencing moreover ,knowledge that makes you feel that you are happy to listen and to gain more knowledge about islam and how islam is great .