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Thursday, October 20, 2005

More things to do online while you are at work

According to Hitachi, mini-harddrives are the next "bling" Gauss handgun.....holyyyyy crap! Apple II cluster, why?!? Tractor beams are on the way! Cheat-sheet roundup How-to survive a freefall How-to become a lie detector I've been waiting for this sci-fi/anime technology to show up. Mazda is moving to usb keys instead of traditional locks. This is THE scariest thing I've heard about in a while The holy grail of vending machines, behold the Wonder Pizza This has to be some kind of spoof Awesome CSS demos Reverse dictionay, enought said... How-to encrypt hard drives Invader Zim screen captures for every episode How-to win an argument How-to build a generator out of a lawn mower Quake III ported to x-box Random Vin Diesel facts, "Vin Diesel has a go kart which runs off the hopes and dreams of orphans. It's very fast." Mods that allow old game console controllers to work over usb on your PC Nintendo's odd censorship over the years How-to use .htaccess How-to sanitize that nasty sponge next to your kitchen sink See how well your website grows, no seriously like a plant. How I wish the iPod Nano really turned out How-to make KVCDs How-to install OSx86 Must have free OSX apps How-to admin Linux for newbs Air powered car? Free stock photos for your everyday use Cool retro gaming watches L33t speak as a programming language! The greatest gaming easter eggs in history Ever asked yourself, "what in the hell does this song mean?" Find the answer here How-to setup Synergy for sharing a single keyboard and mouse on multiple systems. The war against the robots has begun... How-to decode 2d barcodes Your guide to dead media formats How-to make cat5e cables, for those that don't already know. I so want one of these so it and my future roomba can make little robot babies Serenity viral videos Mine hunting bees? Video: You gotta see this metal in action Video: Morphing wings Video: Lock Bumping Fun with sodium How-to modify your nerf guns Google Talk tweaks 29 healthiest foods on the planet Free software for your Mac How-to detect weak passwords on your network How-to look like a linux guru Best hacker movies International Talk Like a Pirate Day is only 18 days away! How-to bring new life to your laptop Deep ocean fish are wierd! Everything you ever wanted to know about super string theory Windows XP cmd commands MacOS over the years How-to overclock yourself! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Bruce Lee Kung-fu remixer, thanks Dynomite Monkey How-to remove you laptop lcd screen Scientist invent new kind of carbon stronger than diamonds Real-time HTML editor, this is really useful! How-to mod your X-Box in 10 minutes Mutant jellyfish? The list for all your IP blocking needs "I would like a replacement heart shot please" Geek tatoos! Play chess against a computer and watch it think about moves to make How-to stay fit if you're a geek If Vi were made by Microsoft Finally a scientific way to be lazy! w00t! irDA get's a speed boost! Practical force fields?, thanks Catonic Thanks Strages

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