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Monday, June 27, 2005

Arab Comedy in the US

Howdy, I always wanted to be a comedian, but there are several things preventing me from fullfilling my dream.. I love watching comedy bits and a big fan of Standups. Here is a link of few Arab Comedians. What I like about them is theyare using thier humor as a tool to market our long awaited activism. Unlike some of the old Arab Comedians who used to poke fun of others to get a laugh or two. Comedy has changed alot and it is much more witty than what it used to be. Here is an article about some of the new ones. Here is a Clip for comedian Ahmad Ahmad. And here is my favorite of all MAZ JOBRANI . Feel free to browse through his clips and let me know. See ya :-) PALFORCE


Reema said...

Maz Jobrani is hilarious he's one of my favorite comedians too, I've also seen him in Law and Order and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Kuwaiti comedy is not funny at all especially that Dawood Hussain, his act is so old and repetitive.

PALFORCE said...

Check this out! I sent a fan mail to Maz and he answerd back :-)
That was sweet;


Thank you for the kind e-mail. Let me know what city you're in so I can add
you to my e-mail list for that location. I'll keep you updated on shows I
might be doing in your area.

Thanks again,



:: muslim artist :: said...

Muslim Comedy, more than Arab Comedy:-)

Ahmad Ahmad performed in LA whie I was living there. He's part of a group I belong to called Muslim Artists.

Another stand up I know is Azhar Usman. A Super nice, and super funny guy. Also a Muslim Artist member.

Check him out

Im so glad word of them is reaching this part of the world! :-)

PALFORCE said...


I saw a clip for him once, He is funny, I love his line;" I love America so much I'm willing suicide bomb myself for it" or something of that matter.I thought it is funny how he dresses like a Taliban and go on stages telling jokes.

Reema said...

Wow! that's cool, i thought most celebrities don't bother replying to their fans