Trying to get by...

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Salam, OK it's 1:39 a.m and I'm up again, I have two days to type a 100 page, How the hell am I gonna be able to do that?! :- I always do that. and I could never learn. Remember the Kuwaiti blogger that I emailed? She emailed back with a detailed instruction on how to find jobs in Kuwait and everything about it as well, she was very helpful mashallah. She believed in Karma and doing good to people will surely come back to her in the end. Nice to see Nice people ! :-) .... Yes the paper... I'm trying to forget about it....*sighs*.. I wish it was like Moving. Instead of moving yourself we simply hire 4 Mexican Amigos and they do all the job for $8/hour each. Why can't I hire a Mexican to do my paper?!1 Hmmmm! Other than the language barrier he would need to know about HR Management...Hmmm! Tough One. I think its time to empower my employees..... I should first interview them, then make sure he has a College degree, AND in the Business field. Hmmm!! But then he wont be standing at the BP station looking for work would he ?! OK, Plan B! Start working on my paper by myself and hope I can finish in time.

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