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Wednesday, June 22, 2005


OK, I'm PALFORCE, and I buy bootleg movies. (Yall suppose to say: HELLO PALFORCEEEEEE!) LOL Ok It was a bad copy, so I am going to see it at the theatre. Love the movie (about time they did serious script and steered away from commercializing it. WOW Bloggers! I'm reading Kuwait various Blogs and I'm extremely impressed mashallah I could not find another Arabic Blogger group like this one, (applause). I would like to take this moment to thank the people in charge of Kuwaitblogs and safat. 3afya shabab :-) OK, I'm sitting at the shop selling mobiles and servicing PCs, and as you see it's slow and I'm bored to my ears. I went to the Honda dealership to check out the 2005 Civic SI, Digging it, I bought me 2005 Civic LX Sedan back in January and I'm already thinking about the SI. But I guess I gotta wait on the 2006 SI it looks GRREEEAAATTTTTTTTTT!!!!! The Civic Si Concept celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Civic Si legacy in the U.S. and builds on its performance heritage with a 200-horsepower, 16-valve, DOHC i-VTEC engine with an 8,000 rpm red line, mated to a close ratio 6-speed manual transmission. Helping to put all that power to the ground is a helical-type limited slip differential for improved launch traction and cornering performance. The Si will definitely be a coupe The body is said to be low and wide and quite sporty in appearance, borrowing some styling cues from several current Honda and Acura models, particularly the flared wheel wells with circular arches. The A-pillar has a dramatic sweep, very similar to the rake shown in the spyshots of the European Civic that were published earlier. The projector headlight housings are said to be shaped like the TSX's Track-tuned suspension sits as much as 1" lower than stock, wheel well gaps are said to be minimal. The Si will use 17" wheels with 205 or 215mm width tires. The transmission will be a standard 6MT The engine is said to be i-VTEC, with at least 200hp. Supposedly the possibility exists that it will get 210 hp or more The seats will be quite sporty with fairly aggressive bolstering A Navi system is rumored to be an option Si will launch slightly later than regular coupe and sedan models, late in Q4 of 2005.

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