Trying to get by...

Monday, June 20, 2005


Maaaan, I love this show, CSI. I think I would love to have this job, I am gifted with an analytic mentality, and the problem is Death is the only thing that makes me weep like a child. I mean I can be sitting home watching T.V and whenever there is a death scene or somebody dying I start going banana, that’s why I try to avoid these scenes or situations even. Well that’s why I won't go into studying to be a CSI :-)


Mark said...

britney spears loved the show soo much she is studying now to become a CSI... no joke..

PALFORCE said...

Al7een, Ya Mark ya 3azeezy you are comparing me with Um 7booob?

lol Kidding, I hope you guys get to see it. It's so good they have now Miami CSI and NY CSI.