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Monday, June 13, 2005

Links from my favorites !

Ok, it's Monday and I'm so bored, I haven’t had one single customer, but its OK like I said it's Monday. Hey wanna peak at my favorites? First, watch this kid dance, I first saw the clip on then here is it again at this Musicthing and here is the CLIP . You guys know David Chappelle? Well he is on Comedy Central (or at least he was till he admitted himself to a mental hospital in South Africa, yeah right David lol), I guess he is trying to escape the 50 Mil contract responsibilities. Any rates he is very funny, me and my friends can fall into his role any minute.... Comedy Central also has John Stewart The Daily Show with John Stewart . But here is David Chappelle . I really think yall should check him out; here are more episodes of his. OK I got a customer. BRB :-)


Sami said...

dave is back

fo' shizzle

PALFORCE said...

Yes ,

David iz ma nizzle.

I'm rich Biatch ! :-)